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Boomerang News #49 - 5-98


Cover: Australian Tourist Items with Boomerang Art.


News From The USA:


Steve Conaway has a thriving business making competition boomerangs out of G10/CF material. These booms come with a durable air-brushed finish and have a range that is well suited for the Australian Round event. I recently sampled the Classic Hook and Xanadu models, pictured below. The Classic Hook made a huge perfect circle, about 10 metres larger than the 65 metres claimed by Steve. Xanadu had a range of about 45-50 metres. These booms require winds greater than 5 MPH and a strong throw. These booms are very responsive to added weights and flaps. For more info, call Steve at (805) 524-2913 or email: or write to:


Aboriginal Steve's Booms

121 Oakdale Lane

Fillmore, CA 93015


The May 1998 issue of "MacAddict" magazine had a half page advertisement for "Action Utilities". In the last frame, the main character turns into a Super Hero with a boomerang. Their web page can be found at:

The Boomerang Man now has the four bladed LMI Fox Skyblader (BN46P6) for sale in the USA. These are available in either LH or RH in 4 different materials: "Poly" is a flexi-grade of plastic, that is easy on the hands. "Polystyrene" is stiffer and ideal for most throwers. "Graphite" is excellent for moderate winds. Feels good and very easy to toss consistently. For eye-appeal, Carbon with MALIBU ART is a winner. This one spins the fastest.

Also in stock are the Carbon S44 and S55 boomerangs, now at a substantial price savings. Send an inquiry for pricing information.

For ordering info, email: or write to:



1806 N 3rd Street

Monroe, LA 71201


Dennis Joyce has moved. His new phone number is (423) 692-1899. His new address is:


Dennis Joyce

8514 Carl Valentine Drive

Knoxville, TN 37931


Michael Girvin has a new phone number: 510-658-2421. His email address remains: The Gel Boomerang Page is online as an information page only at:


Dan Neelands found a nice little boomerang book printed in conjunction with the boomerang exhibit held at the San Francisco International Airport in 1996. Twenty-four post card sized pages have sixteen beautiful photos of boomerangs and related memorabilia from the collection of the South Australian Museum. The price is $5 and well worth it. To order on the WWW, you can go to and click on the "gift shop" link. If you cannot get on the web, you can order one by sending a check for $5, payable to the City and County of San Francisco to the following address. Allow two to three weeks for delivery.


San Francisco Airport Museums

c/o Museum Gift Shop

San Francisco International Airport

P.O. Box 8097

San Francisco, CA 94128


John Weigel found a book with a chapter on boomerangs: "Whittlin', Whistles, and Thingamajigs,  the pioneer book of nature crafts and recreation arts" by Harlan G. Metcalf, 1974; Stackpole Books, Harrisburg Pa, ISBN 0-8117-1882. Look in Chapter 8.

The May/June issue of "The Sciences", published by the New York Academy of Sciences, has an extremely well written 4 page article on boomerangs by Dan Drollette titled 'Return to Sender'. The article is littered with colored photos of Aboriginal boomerangs and throwsticks. You can order a copy of this excellent publication for only $3.95 by calling (212)-838-0230. Inquire about a subscription while you are calling. You won't be sorry. This is a terrific magazine.

Listen to Earth & Sky on public radio stations on 18 July. Karen Munro of Iowa City will ask "Why does a boomerang come back?" Karen, and 3 million other listeners, will hear a detailed explanation.

Peter Toenjes manufactures really nice looking folding cross sticks with a central wingnut bolt. These four bladers have really pronounced airfoiling and spray painted upper and lower surfaces. Peter sent me one to sample. The one I received required the addition of extra dihedral to all four blades for best results. The flight was fast. The range was less than typically found in similar cross sticks due to aggressive airfoiling. This one was fun to play with and the workmanship was better than that found on most commercial cross sticks. The price, at under $10, is right too. For more information, contact Peter Toenjes at:


Yardstick Boomerang Co.

412 McKinley Ave.

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236


TEK Boomerang is a new commercial product made in China and imported by Trendmasters, Inc. of St. Louis, MO. It has five bat shaped wings and black stripes over a bright glow in the dark color. It sells at the stunning price of only $2.99 at Meijer stores in Michigan. Although this boomerang has heavily biased RH airfoiling, it comes with Darnell style tuning instructions for either LH or RH throwing. This boomerang has the weight and stiffness of a wet sponge. After throwing it for more than an hour in a variety of wind conditions, I was only able to get a full return on a single throw. This boomerang also failed the Toby dog durability test. My recommendations are to stay away from this one until the manufacturer comes out with a lighter and stronger material, unless you want one to hang on the wall.

Will and Bestylew Miale-Gix did a demo in Kingston, Washington on 3 May to help two girls raise money for a "People to People" trip to Australia. Will Herlan started off the show with a throwstick demonstration. Then it was the Bestylew and Will show, with Will Herlan as the master of ceremonies explaining the various types of boomerang contests, trick catches and techniques. Everyone was able to try their hand at throwing booms after the demo. Will Herlan won a Bob Burwell hook (donated by Will and Bestylew) and a live pig (75 kg) for $170 in the auction that followed. Will mentioned that the pig is a poor returner.

USA Boomerang Team members are selling T-shirts & Sweatshirts to help cover expenses. These have a large Red and Blue on White USA Boomerang Emblem on the front with a smaller 1998 Boomerang International Team Cup and Individual World Championships and THE RAD logos on the sleeves. You can see a sample at the web site: The price is $20 for short sleeve T-shirt, 100% cotton; $25 for long sleeve T-shirt, 100% cotton; $40 for long sleeve Sweatshirt, 50% cotton. Shipping is $3.00+$1 each extra shirt to a USA address. You can order one from Steve Kavanaugh; email: or call 510-547-8366 or write to:


Steven L. Kavanaugh

636 58th #7

Oakland, CA 94609


T. W. Smith will be a participant in the upcoming WOMAD ( event in Seattle, WA. T. W. will have a large (16 sided) kiosk with defined areas relating to boomerangs and Australian Aboriginal Art. On the periphery, there will be sales tables of boomerangs, didjeridoos, and related crafts. A small demonstration area will be provided where oncomers can throw Darnell indoor and backyard foam boomerangs under the guidance of experts. A large portion of the kiosk display will be devoted to a boomerang museum and boomerang art. The boomerang museum will feature throw sticks and boomerangs from various cultures and modern manufacturers. There will also be a table for consignment sales of collectible boomerangs gathered from interested sellers around the world. People interested in contributing museum exhibit items on loan or consignment pieces for sale can contact T. W. at (541)-465-9461; email:, or write to: P. O. Box 11332, Eugene, OR 97440.

Congratulations to Kim Galeazzi who made $25 and was elected Mr. Picante at a Cinco de Mayo company party for catching his boomerang with one toe. To accomplish this, he borrowed a foam tri-blader that was given to his daughter by Rob Croll.

An article about Adam Ruhf is planned for a future issue of Teen People Magazine. Keep your eyes open. A date is not yet available.


Brother Brian Thomas found several Australian tourist promotional items (depicted on the cover) that integrate boomerangs into their design. Brian would like to trade some of these items for signed boomerangs for his collection. A MTA boomerang would be much appreciated. The editor has four sets of the following: Letter Opener + Boomerang Shaped Ash Tray + Zippered Wallet that I will send to the first four readers from the USA who respond to Brian's request for a trade. Contact the editor for details before sending the boomerang to Brian. Overseas readers can contact Brian directly. Brian can be reached at Günter Wandtke's email: Brian's address is:


Brother Brian Thomas

131 Birrell Street

Waverley, NSW 2024



Brother Brian Thomas sent in results for the BAA National Championships, held on 2/3 May in Albury.

AUSSIE ROUND:1. Br. Rod Shoebridge got 73 with a 30m rang he made!; 2. David Schummy 66; 3. Rob Croll 65.

ACCURACY: 1. Br. Thomas 39; 2nd Rob Croll 32; 3rd Gunter Wandtke 28.

MTA100: 1st Rob Croll 47.87; 2nd David Schummy 39.45; 3rd Steve Dick 34.08.

FAST CATCH: 1st David Schummy 22.37; 2nd Gunter Wandtke 29.15; 3rd Rob Croll 31.64.

ENDURANCE; 1st Bruce Carter 57; 2nd Rob Croll 54; 3rd David Schummy 51.

TRICK CATCH: 1st Gunter Wandtke 47/50; 2nd Rob Croll 36; 3rd Bruce Carter & David Schummy 33.

SAME BOOMERANG: 1st Gunter Wandtke 59; 2nd David Schummy 52; 3rd Geoff Hodgson 51.

Ladies' Champion was Kellie Lewry (16 years). Senior Over-all placings were 1.Rob Croll 13; 2 David Schummy 16; 3. Gunter Wandtke 21.5; 4. Bruce Carter 33.5; 5. Br.Brian Thomas 41. 6; Brian Kemp 44. 7; Br. Rod Shoebridge 60; 8. Kevin Moran 61; 9. Peter Lewry 62.5; 10. Steve Dick 69.

The big news was the Distance competition, held at the end. In almost dead calm conditions, David Schummy threw 141.86 m with a full return. 2nd was Bruce Carter with 80 m and 3rd Paul Croft with 70 m. The day before, David was putting them out nearly 200m!! David uses a new design without weights. This is a new Aussie record. David will easily break the world record when he gets a little wind to throw in. Bob Burwell has measured him at 185 metres!

Editors note: David will have several of these new Long Distance boomerangs for sale at the World Championships in July.


*********Special Note from Bob Burwell************************



These last couple of years I have the great fortune to be living near David Schummy. David will be known to many in the boomerang world. He is extremely competitive and was part of the Australian team in Christ Church New Zealand in 1996. I have no doubt there are many views of David. Here are mine! I first met David when I toured The United States of America in 1984. This was my second successful trip. David was not a part of either Team at that time, (USA versus Australia.) Some of the Australian team members viewed David as the enemy. He appeared to be lending support to the USA team. "How dare he!"

My view is, if you are not breaking the LAW or offending general community expectations, "do what you love, love what you do". (thanks, T shirt for that little bit of wisdom). In Christ Church I was a member of the Masters Team. From an Aussie team member I was called "traitor". Some Aussies never change! I am a team player, and will do my best for any team I am with. David still does what he loves. This is reflected in great results he is achieving.

New designs, New performances, with a finish you would expect from a perfectionist who makes a living as a creative craftsman. Also teaches what he does in college.

David is doing great things with many new & old materials. To see him produce a replica of one of my 3mm distance sticks "80 meters" in one attempt was something to behold. His reproduction flies up to 20% further, looks, ten times better. The main thing David retained was the flying performance. i.e. very easy to throw, smooth flight with excellent accuracy.

His absolute mind blowers are his night flyers. The way he integrates lights, battery, & switches to provide optional combinations is something to behold. To top it off, they have good fly ability.

They are real "Night time, light entertainment!" I have been involved with throwing boomerangs since October 1945. Thanks David for the sharing your skill & friendship in keeping my boomerang love alive & sparking.

Last weekend at the Aussie Nationals David Schummy Popped a few eyes & caused a few Jaws to drop. You have probably already heard that he set a new Aussie Distance throwing record with a measurement in competition of 141 metres & return. That was the only boomerang throwing record I had to pass from me to another lover of the sport. - Bob Burwell



Starting in 1946 I achieved my first worlds best. Or so it was reported. I was said to be the youngest most successful boomerang thrower in the world. My boomerang skills have caused me to be custodian of numerous records since that time. The most memorable was the sixty nine juggle catches in Maryland in June of 82. That was especially sweet as all my skills were utilized to head skim spectators then ride up and down the embankment in the target throwing area. Albury November '81 runs a close second in the memory stakes. This was at the time of the USBA tour in Australia. Sorry again Peter.

I have had success with Largest, Smallest, Consecutive Catch, Aussie Round, Rapid Catch, Accuracy, etc. On many occasions I have taken on that pleasant but temporary role as World Record custodian . I am pleased to report that my one remaining custodial record, that of Australian Distance Champion has now passed to my friend David Schummy. Congratulations David with a throw of 141 metres. Nothing pleases me more than to see competitors going hard at it to capture records for themselves

to achieve that pleasurable role as World Record custodian. While ever I see this happening I know the sport I love is alive & well. Congratulations to all who have achieved, and to all that have enjoyed themselves trying. - Bob Burwell





Georgi Dimantchev and the Bulgarian Boomerang Club received excellent coverage in the February 1998 issue of "Aviofen", a Bulgarian produced magazine about Aviation. The article was a full page and had 8 color photos. There was also a great photo of Georgi throwing one of his mini-booms on the cover.

Georgi was also featured in the Bulgarian book "Forgotten Glory; Bulgarian Aircraft Designs", published in 1997. The 240 page book had 2+ pages about Georgi's Ultralight plane: Optimum 88, a unique design for Bulgarian Aviation. The section on Georgi's Aircraft mentions Georgi's activities in the sport of boomeranging.

Georgi is busy writing a new book titled: "BOOMERANG PUZZLE" which will be published in English. The book will have 100 pages and contain the chapters:

* In memoriam

* Chronology (1882-1998),

* Results of all National, European and World Championships,

* National and World Ratings,

* World and European Records,

* Best throwers in the world and their results including Super Catch Honor Roll.

* Record Boomerangs (more than 50 shapes and datum about)

* World Famous Lefty Throwers

* and more ...


The book will cost between 15 and 20 USD and will be avialable when Georgi competes in the German Kiel Competition in June 1998. For more information about this exciting new publication, contact Georgi at:


Georgi Dimantchev

Hipodruma 139A-A-23

1612 Sofia




Andy Cross did a report on boomerang flight simulators for his Chemistry class at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta on 15 April. John Cross traveled to the University to assist him. The brothers finished with a demonstration for 20 students.

John Cryderman is working hard on helping to raise funds for the 1998 World Championships. John is making a plaque out of solid wood with a plywood Herb Smith design boomerang on top. The plaque measures about 2 1/2 feet by 3 1/2 feet and has the names of everyone who has purchased one of John's catalogues. All net proceeds from the catalogue will be donated to the World Cup. There is still room for 36 additional names and addresses on the plaque. Everyone who purchases a catalogue will have their name and state affixed to the plaque identifying them as a supporter of the 1998 World Championships. The plaque will be raffled at the World Championships with all proceeds going to the Cup.

The catalogue costs $5. It has 40 pages and has lots of information about how to make strip laminated boomerangs.

If you want to help John raise funds for the 1998 World Championships, please send payment of $5 to John Cryderman as soon as possible to the following address:


John Cryderman

136 Thames Street

Chatham, Ontario N7L 2Y8




Congratulations to Lawrence West who won the 'Mega Lab' television show indoor boomerang contest on 20 March with 20 throws (and catches) around a pole positioned at three metres. Edward Cadman has the program on VHS PAL tape if anyone is interested.



Volker Behrens is one of the best known boomerang manufacturers in the World with his line of Birch and Paxolin material competition boomerangs. One of Volker's most popular models is the Vulcano. I recently sampled two versions of this hook, the mini and midi models. Both of these have a shape similar to that of the classic Gerhards hook. They are attractively painted and made out of strong and dense Paxolin material.

The Midi-Vulcano, with a dingle arm finger notch, a span of 35 cm and a weight of 80 grams, has a range of more than 75 metres. This one is an eye popper with much more range than you need for Aussie Round. The power requirements are proportionally less than the Challenger III or Straight Shooter. The midi-Vulcano likes moderate wind for a full return.

The Mini-Vulcano, with a weight of 42 gm and a span of 30 cm, lacks the finger notch of it's big brother. The range of the mini is also considerably less than the midi, topping out at just beyond 50 metres. The mini works well in either calm or wind, making it far more suitable for the Aussie Round event than it's big brother.

Volker has begun making replicas of Herb Smith designs for those of you who cannot afford (or don't want to throw) authentic Herb Smith boomerangs. Models that are currently available include: Sussex Hook, Sportsman, Marathon and Tornado, in either 3 or 4 mm paxolin. For more information, visit Volker's web page at: or write to:


Volker Behrens


Beuthiner Hof 4

23701 Eutin




Erik Leferink sent in the results of the first 1998 ABO-Holland tournament, held on 19 April. The weather was great, except for a little wind and rain during Fast Catch. Erik Leferink came in first overall. Erik had a first in Endurance with 42 points. Jaap Duin came in second overall. Jaap had a first place in Aussie Round with 52 points. Pieter Duin came in third overall. Pieter had a first place in Fast Catch with 23.59 seconds. Han Paesi won Accuracy with 40 points (4 Bullseyes and a complete miss), using a typical Han Paesi two wing design.



Please visit the USBA website for the "almost-official" rules for the new Trick Catch/Doubling event:'s_new.html

John Weigel's Boomerangs over San Diego web page can be found on a link from his home page at:

Gerrit Lemkau has a Boompark email list at:

Monroe Blanton has a new page featuring his beautiful Palmetto Boomerangs. Visit:

Kevin Wells beautiful natural elbow boomerangs/throwsticks with Aboriginal art was featured in the previous issue of Boomerang News. Now Kevin has a web page that depicts these beauties in full color. Visit the Bingra Boomerangs home page at the following URL:

Cem Teoman has published a Turkish web page on boomerangs. The English translation of the site is "magical stick, boomerang":

Dave Martin has moved the Night-rang web page to:

Olivier Duffez has updated his boom page with 10 new designs by Francois Clouet:

Just to confuse everyone, the MX Boomerang home page is at: John Cryderman's page is at:

If you travel to Italy, make sure that you stay in Hotel Boomerang:

"sinErgo" is a German language internet catalog that has several boomerangs for sale:

The Magnetic Kaleidoscope Club is a group of eight children, ages of seven to fifteen, who get together once a week to study science. They created a boomerang web page while studying flight:

Aerodynamics in Sports Equipment, Recreation and Machines has several pages that discuss the aerodynamics of sporting equipment. One page has an explanation as to why a boomerang works:

NASA has a Learning Technologies K-12 Home Page with links to several pages about boomerangs. You can even download a great Macintosh or Windows application that shows airflow around an airfoil at various angles of attack:

This includes Finger Boomerangs:

and Four Wing Boomerangs:

FUN ZONE has a DOS Games called "Boomerang" that you can download:


The following teams will compete in the World Boomerang Championships: Australia I; Australia II; Brazil; Canada; France I; France II; France III; Germany I; Germany II; Germany III; Italy; Japan; Scandinavia;Switzerland I; Switzerland II; USA I; USA II; USA III; International Women's Team.

Team events will take place on July 27, 28 & 30 with the following events: Team Supercatch; Team Relay; Team Endurance Relay; Team Aussie Round; Team Trick Catch/Doubling; Team Accuracy; Team MTA.

The Long Distance Event will be held on the morning of July 29. It is an open tournament, and the results will not be used as a factor to determine Individual or Team World placings. The cost to participate will be $20 USD.

The Individual Tourney will be run on July 31 and August 1. The events will include: Trick Catch/Doubling; Accuracy; Fast Catch; Endurance; MTA & Aussie Round. The Individual Tourney is an open tournament. World Cup competitors, those registered as team members, are eligible to throw in the Individual Tourney at no additional charge. The cost for all others is $75 USD if registered on or before July 1 and $125 USD if registered after July 1. This includes a World Championships T-shirt, which bears the WBC logo designed by Tony Brazelton.

Detailed information on registration and day-to-day activities can be found at: You can pay by certified check or by a major credit card. You need to respond immediately. Fees increase after June 15.

Foster's Lager is now the major sponsor of the 1998 World Championships. Foster's public relations team will be available to promote the event through media relations efforts including news media pitching, photography, video taping and distribution of photos and video to news outlets. Foster's has also made a generous monetary donation to the cup which will be used to enhance the event and to bolster the local publicity campaign.

Check out Chicago Bob's comprehensive web page with everything relating to the 1998 World Cup at Additional details can be found on the web pages: and

Tom Fitzgerald has email at: You can also call (314) 839-1604 or write to:


Tom Fitzgerald

1159 Holly River Dr.

Florissant, MO 63031



A summary of the winning bids for the Spring auction will be published in the next issue. For detailes on the Fall 1998 auction, visit:


This publication is produced monthly. Every issue is packed with 8 pages containing all the information you need to stay current in the ever changing world of boomeranging. The distribution of BN currently stands at 173 USA and 71 overseas subscribers. Eight issues of "Boomerang News" costs only $10 in the USA; $12 in Canada and $20 overseas. You can subscribe by sending payment (make check or M.O. out to Ted Bailey) with your name, address & phone number to:


Ted E. Bailey

P. O. Box 6076

Ann Arbor, MI 48106




Boomerang News Calendar of Events

This calendar is on the WWW at:

North America

16 May 1998 Toss Across America Betsylew Miale-Gix 425-485-1672 3351 236th St. S.W.; Brier, WA 98036-8421

16 May 1998 MI Toss Across America Norm Kern 248-645-9308 1640 Haynes St.; Birmingham, MI 48009-6819

16 May 1998 San Diego TAA John Weigel 619-462-4379 1323 LaMesa Ave.; Spring Valley, CA 91977

17 May 1998 9th Toss Across America Keith Mullinar 203-568-1182 532 Forbes St.; East Hartford, CT 06118

24 May 1998 Gateway Classic Tom Fitzgerald 314-839-1604 1159 Holly River Dr.; Florissant, MO 63031

30/31 May '98 USBA Nationals Larry Ruhf 413-323-4340 31 Jackson Road; Belchertown; MA 01007

19 June 1998 Summer Solstice Throw Norm Kern 248-645-9308 1640 Haynes St.; Birmingham, MI 48009-6819

28 June 1998 4th West Seattle Open Betsylew Miale-Gix 425-485-1672 3351 236th St. S.W.; Brier, WA 98036-8421

18 July 1998 Earth & Sky Radio Beverly Wachtel Public Radio Listen to an explanation as to why boomerangs return!

19 July 1998 11th W. Oregon Roundup Dean Kelly 503-581-8050 1938 Fieldcrest Ct S; Salem, OR 97306

26 Jul-2 Aug '98 World Cup Championships Tom Fitzgerald 314-839-1604 1159 Holly River Dr.; Florissant, MO 63031

8 August 1998 Free Throwers Tourn. Chet Snouffer 740-363-8332 1868 Panhandle Road; Delaware, OH 43015

29 August '98 Emmaus Day & Night T1 Dr. Barnaby Ruhe 610-967-3683 4926 S. 5th St.; Emmaus, PA 18049

30 August '98 Emmaus Day & Night T2 Mike Barrett 610-282-4913 5067 Homestead Dr.; Coopersburg, PA 18036

6 Sept. 1998 4th Illinois Classic Comp. Tony Brazelton 217-352-6184 2405 Lawndale Drive; Champaign, IL 61821

13 Sept. 1998 10th Novice Tournament Norm Kern 248-645-9308 1640 Haynes St.; Birmingham, MI 48009-6819

12/13 Sept. '98 2nd Outer Banks Comp. John Koehler 757-437-1185 210 60th St.; Virginia Beach, VA 23451

27 Nov. 1998 Michigan Turkey Toss Norm Kern 248-645-9308 1640 Haynes St.; Birmingham, MI 48009-6819



23 May 1998 Over 40 Competition Bruno Müller +49 (6232) 70494 Winterheimer Straße 27; 67346 Speyer; Germany

30/31 May 1998 Torneo Nazionale Roma B Maurizio Saba +31 (6) 653 8053 Via del trullo 122; 00148 Roma; Italy

30 M/1 Jun '98 22.nd Amstelveen Comp Erik Leferink +31 (70) 329 7857 Remmersteinstraat 157; NL-2532 AZ Den Haag; Holland

30 M/1 Jun '98 Rennes Team Comp F. Resmond-Richard ??? 99 84 61 48 17, Square A. Fergent, Appt. 93; 35000 Rennes; France

7 June 1998 Kloten Distance Comp Tibor Horvath 01/858 13 23 Rebhalderstraße 12; 8173 Neerach; Switzerland

7 June 1998 Oxley Creek Comp. Dean Hopton (07) 3277 7889 33 Chalfont St.; Salisbury 4107; Queensland; Australia

7/8 June 1998 Travemünde Beach Cup Eckhard Mawick +49 (451) 70 51 81 Wakenitzmauer 64; D-23552 Lübeck; Germany

13/14 June '98 9th Torneo Italiano Boom Mario Crescimbeni (39) 45 80 090 80 Via Venturelli, 2; 38128 Verona; Italy

19/21 June '98 1998 AMSBC Heikki Niskanen +358 17 2633211 Tasavallankatu 10 a 1, 70620 KUOPI; Finland

27/28 June '98 British Nationals & Int'l Edward Cadman 44 (1449) 49 67 15 42 Thurlow Court; Stowmarket; Suffolk IP14 1HZ; UK

27/28 June '98 19th German Nationals Eckhard Mawick +49 (451) 70 51 81 Wakenitzmauer 64; D-23552 Lübeck; Germany

11/12 July 1998 1st Aalen Competition Peter Dürr +49 (7963) 1311 Eichenstraße 33; 73486 Adelmannsfelden; Germany

15/16 August '98 6th Bielefelder Bumerang Lothar Haase )05221) 85 50 70 Kattenschling 24; 32049 Herford; Germany

29/30 Aug 1998 DBC Birthday Party Eckhard Mawick +49 (451) 70 51 81 Wakenitzmauer 64; D-23552 Lübeck; Germany

29/31 Aug 1998 Trefriw BBS Competition Jay Butters 44 (1492) 64 10 09 Garmon View; School Hill; Trefriw; N. Wales LL27 0NJ; UK

XX Sept. 1998 7th Berlin Championships Gerhard Bertling +49 (30) 215 3008 Potsdamer Str. 150; 10783 Berlin; Germany

XX Sept. 1998 Old Warden Fall Throw Edward Cadman 44 (1449) 49 67 15 42 Thurlow Court; Stowmarket; Suffolk IP14 1HZ; UK

XX Sept. 1998 Blacktown Championships Peter Lewry +61 (2) 96 22 29 27 12 Burke St.; Blacktown NSW 2148; Australia

19/20 Sept. '98 12th Swiss Nationals Ruedi Salzmann +41 (3441) 11708 Bernstraße 28; 3324 Hindelbank; Switzerland

15 Nov. 1998 Blue Mtn. Championships Br. Brian M. Thomas (02) 9369 0675 131 Birrell St; Waverley NSW 2024; Australia

1/2 May 1999 BAA National Champ. Br. Brian M. Thomas (02) 9369 0675 131 Birrell St; Waverley NSW 2024; Australia

24/25 July '99 Boomerang Cup Eckhard Mawick +49 (451) 70 51 81 Wakenitzmauer 64; D-23552 Lübeck; Germany

December '99 Int'l Millenium Throw Earl Tutty +64 3 384 5405 17 Truscotts Rd.; Heathcote Valley; Christchurch 2; NZ

2000 World Cup Championships Rob Croll (03) 9887-5085 5 Tyson Ct.; Wantirna South; Victoria 3152; Australia

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