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Boomerang News #50 - 6-98

Cover: Throwers at the 1998 U.S. Open

News From The USA:

The USBA Open was held early in 1998 so that throwers could prepare for the 1998 World Championships which will take place in St. Louis in late July. All individual events were completed on Saturday, 30 May. The top five winners were Rob Parkins, Chet Snouffer, Mike Dickson, Steve Kavanaugh and John Flynn. Fred Malmberg won the Open Division. Because of the heavy winds, scores were not so terrific. Adam Ruhf took first places in both Fast Catch (21.06 seconds) and Endurance (33 points). Mark Weary took top honors in Trick Catch/Doubling with 80 points. Eric Darnell won Accuracy with 38 points. Chet Snouffer and Will Gix tied for first place in Australian Round with 54 points. Gary Broadbent won MTA with 34.05 seconds using one of his new composite MTAs. Team events were held on Sunday, 31 May in improved wind conditions. Congratulations to Team Blue USA for taking first overall in the team placings. See the next issue of Many Happy Returns for more detailed coverage of this event.

John Weigel has designed a great wind pennant with a combined Pirate/Boomerang theme called Radical Roger. This flag is sensitive to a breeze and really catches the eye with it's bright red tie-dye design. For more information on Radical Roger, visit: or email SouthBay Johnny at: or write to:


John R. Weigel

1323 LaMesa Ave.

Spring Valley, CA 91977


Chris Cotter has only recently started making boomerangs. One of his first designs is an airbrush painted hook called "SkyHook" (pictured above). This model comes in Birch, Paxolin and G-10 materials. The G-10 hook has a range more than 100 metres! Chris does not sell his booms, but he is willing to trade. The editor sampled one of the birch ply models and found this to be an excellent sports boom with a low perfectly circular flight with a range of about 40 metres. The airbrush finish is excellent. This boomerang is highly recommended.

Chris found a supply of Carbon/Carbon sheet material that is really expensive. He would like to identify other boomerang experimenters to share in the cost of a sheet. Chris will cut out all the blanks and then split the costs accordingly. You can email Chris at: or call (213) 466-7345 or write to:


Chris Cotter

320 North Gower Street

Los Angeles, CA 90004


Speaking of G-10 hooks, the more I throw Steve Conaway's G-10 Classic Hook, the better I like it (see BN #49;P2), especially in windy conditions. You can get yours by writing to:


Aboriginal Steve's Booms

121 Oakdale Lane

Fillmore, CA 93015


John Weigel and Steve Kavanaugh hosted a Toss Across America at the U.S.M.C. Air Station at Miramar in conjunction with Armed Forces Day. Because of the combined events, thousands of visitors were exposed to the sport of boomeranging.

Norm Kern's TAA in Livonia Michigan was held on a beautiful, but breezy day. Four throwers came over from Ontario, Canada! Bud Pell brought his boss from the Detroit Zoo where Bud does volunteer activities. Bud was recognized as the Top Volunteer in the entire state of Michigan. Bud, Norm Kern, Tom Luczycki, Jim and Kent Sprague made up the demonstration and teaching team.

Tony Brazelton is trying to bring together throwers in Central Illinois and the Illini Boomerang Club with regular weekly throws in Centennial Park in Champaign. The weekly event will either be Saturday or Sunday afternoon at 2 PM. If you live in the area, contact Tony by email at: or call: 217-352-6184 or write to:


Tony Brazelton

Illini Boomerang Club

2405 Lawndale Drive

Champaign, IL 61821


There will be a Long Distance Competition in Southern California on 19 July. David Schummy and Tibor Horvath will both be there, warming up for the distance competition at the World Cup. For more information, call Erik at

805-564-4840 or write to:

Erik Fields

1501 Clifton St.

Santa Barbara, CA 93103


Ralph Bonheim has a tip for finger licking boom throwers who need to tell wind direction. Sparco "fingertip moistener" is a gel that comes in a small plastic container that is available in stationery stores. The gel vastly improves your grip on boomerangs and completely eliminates the finger-licking requirements. It's invisible, stainless and greaseless. It washes off instantly with soap and water. Ralph says you can throw for a long time before needing an additional application of the gel.

Brad Westervelt is getting married on 20 June. Brad is hosting a "boomerang breakfast" throw at a field in Ashland, Oregon. This event is only for a couple of hours and may be attended by anyone interested. Instead of rice, the wedding guests will throw Darnell funFlys and Air Dancers. For more info, email:, or call 800-286-6310 ext. 748 (leave message with your #).

The South Georgia Boomerang Club is leading a thirteen day boomerang tour of Australia, from May 10 to May 22, 1999. They will spend 5 days in Sydney meeting with local throwers and then fly to Cairns for a full day excursion to the Great Barrier Reef and the Tjapukai Aboriginal Culture Centre (where they make and sell boomerangs) and take a ride on the Skyrail over the North Queensland Rain Forest. They will then fly to Brisbane and meet with David Schummy and Bob Burwell as well as spending some beach-time at the Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise). The cost will be about $3,500 which includes all transportation costs and overnight stays. At least 12 participants are needed. If you are interested in going, please contact Neil Kalmanson as soon as possible. Email: or call (912)-289-2077 or write to:


Neil Kalmanson

East Georgia College

131 College Circle

Swainsboro, GA 30401



David Schummy is taking pre-orders for his new high tech long distance boomerangs. These will be sold immediately following the Long Distance competition at the World Cup. The price - a hefty $1 per metre. A 150 metre range boomerang will cost $150, etc. David will have several rangs with a range from 120 metres - 195 metres. He could also adjust the 'rang to suit a less athletic thrower so that the boom travels only 100-110 metres.

Some of the other boomerangs that David will have available for sale are pre-programmed microprocessor controlled night rangs. These have up to 10 high intensity multi-coloured LEDS which are strobed at various rates. Each boomerang is programmed with up to 15 different sequences of light displays. The sequence is selected by a pressure sensitive button which takes you through the menu. The prices of the night rangs range from $150- 250 with circuit boards also available for insertion into your own rangs. The costs for the circuit will be approximately $60 depending on the number of pre-programmed sequences. The circuit also has a sleep mode so no switch protrudes from the boomerang. These were developed to provide the highest level of current to the LED. Hence they are brighter than any rang you have ever seen...they rate alongside sparklers; yet they are multi-coloured, multi-special effect rangs. Some of the effects include expanding and contracting concentric circles and progressive throw the boomerang with one flashing light and as it circles more lights turn themselves on.

Reserve your long distance boom or night rang now by emailing David at: or by writing to:


David Schummy

18 Dalhousie Ct.

Rochedale South

Queensland 4123



On 23 May, David Schummy appeared on Sydney's Channel 7 News with an appeal for sponsorship to send the two Australian teams to the 1998 World Cup. A company called "Aristocrat" (large manufacturer of gambling and video games machines) has decided to give the teams 20,000 A$ to cover airfare.

The first team will probably have Rob Croll, Bruce Carter, Ian Sproul, David Schummy, Roger Perry and Bob Burwell.

Other throwers pretty much confirmed to go are Kevin Moran, Miles Jorgeson, Günter Wandtke and possibly the Carters kids.


Herm Peeters is trying to resurrect the Belgian boomerang movement. He would like all Belgian throwers to contact him immediately. Also, Herm would like some help with the organization from other clubs. His needs include help with the bylaws, rule book, etc. Email Herm at: or write to:


Herm Peeters

Klaarhaagstraat, 20A

9310 Meldert




John Cryderman has only 10 spots left on the World Championship Plaque which will be auctioned off at the 1998 World Cup. All you have to do to get your name on the plaque is purchase one of John's 40 page boomerang catalogs which has a lot of information on how to make S/L boomerangs. The net proceeds from the catalog go to the World Cup. The catalog is $4 in Canada and $5 elsewhere. If you want to help John raise funds for the 1998 World Championships, please send payment of $5 to John Cryderman immediately to:


John Cryderman

136 Thames Street

Chatham, Ontario N7L 2Y8



Effective immediately, Stéphane Marguerite has a new postal address:


Stéphane Marguerite

4016 rue Dorion

Montreal, (QC) H2K 4B9




Jean-Louis Orgueil announced the inauguration of the world's largest boomerang on June 13. The traditional shaped steel boomerang is 9.40 m long and weighs 2000 kg. The boomerang is the central theme of a poster that was constructed for the Team World Cup preparatory competition that took place in Fleurance on 13/14 June. The construction of the giant boomerang was a joint project sponsored by LMI & Fox and Castel & Fromaget construction company.


At the North German Long Distance Competition held on 9/10 May, Manuel Schütz of Switzerland threw his 3mm GFEC MegaQuirl 145.85m with a full return. He had three throws over 140m. This is less than the World Record of 149.12m, but it was a new Swiss LD record! Günter Möller and Oli Thienhaus took second and third places respectively. Manuel was not yet done with his record setting performance. See the section under Switzerland for a new Long Distance World Record!


A record number of throwers (59) participated in The 22nd Annual Whitsun Tournament which was held on 30 May - 1 June.

For the 3rd time in six years, the German Fast Catch Record was broken in Holland (Amstelveen). In 1993 (Günter Möller 17.03), In 1997 (Fridolin Frost 16.93), In 1998 (Fridolin Frost 16.33). The Swiss FC-record was broken by Jürg Schedler with a time of 17.86 seconds. Looks like Adam Ruhf will have some serious competition in Fast Catch at the World Cup.

The top 5 overall places belong to: Fridolin Frost; Michael Siems; Oliver Thienhaus; Thomas Szartowicz and Jürg Schedler.

The top event scores included: Fridolin Frost with 44 in Accuracy; 16.33 seconds in Fast Catch and 73 points in Trick Doubling. Michael Siems had 39 in Endurance and 76 in Australian Round; Jürgen Rode had 49.15 seconds in MTA. Be sure to visit the photo gallery on the ABO Holland web page:


Maurizio Saba sent in results from the Torneo Nazionale Roma that was held on 30/31 May in sunny and windy conditions. The top 3 overall places included: Paolo Serbelloni; Maurizio Saba & Francesco Rossi. Top scores included: Paolo Serbelloni with 26 points in Accuracy; Maurizio Saba with 70 in Aussie Round; Francesco Rossi with 29 in Endurance; Giovanni Lorenzoni with 48 in Trick Catch and 27.90 seconds in MTA and Gianni Campanile with 34.16 seconds in Fast Catch.


Heikki Niskanen found a German language article about prehistoric Latvian boomerang devices (see BN#45 P6). The article was written by L. Vankina, dated 1970, and published on pages 163 - 172 of a Latvian journal called "Sarnates Purva Apmetne" The article was titled "Die Torfmoorsiedlung von Sarnate".


The new world record for the Long Distance event belongs to Switzerland. After his terrific performance in Germany in May, Manuel Schütz threw his 3 mm Paxolin MegaQuirl Pathfinder boomerang 155 m on June 7 in a competition in the town of Kloten, near the Zurich Airport. The weather was mostly sunny, with nice wind. The previous record of 149.12m was held for almost 6 years by Michel Dufayard of France. The range was only measured to the nearest metre using a (Bushnell YARDPRO 400) laser rangefinder, which has a precision of 1m. Hopefully, this will not result in controversy in other coutries who require a measuring tape and report the range to an accuracy of 0.01 metre.


John Koehler is soliciting throwers to send the USBA comments about competition rules and regulations. The purpose of the survey is to help the USBA set a new direction in the way it regulates competition. Anyone can respond and discuss anything of interest. Please visit the URL: and email your comments to John at:

Jani Macari Pallis of Cislunar Aerospace, Inc. has posted several web pages about boomerangs for a wide audience: Visit the following web pages for the four levels:

There is also a teachers lesson plan:

and some curriculum links (to math, social studies, etc.) that are oriented to the boomerang:

This summer Jani plans to translate these web pages into Spanish. Alan Scott Craig is now on the web with a terrific home page: The Art of Boomerang at:

Alan's new email address is:

Jean-Louis Orgueil has posted a page with a photograph of the world's largest boomerang (made of steel; length = 8.9 m; weight = 2000 kg). You can see this boomerang at:

You can view a poster for the Fleurance Competition which features the giant boomerang at:

Rosemary Thomson has moved her business to Adelaide and has a new central web page where she sells her boomerang jewelry made out of petrified wood. Visit Adelaide Gemstone Boomerangs home page at:

Rosemary also has a new email address:

Eric Fields found the "Charged" Boomerang web page; written by Bill Strickland. This page is humorous to some boomerangers and upsetting to others. What do you think? Visit:

America's Sports HQ contains a list of boomerang resources:

You can see a terrific Tapir Boomerang that Pat Cardiff made for Günter Möller at:

You can see the results of the Dutch Whitsun Tournament and a photo gallery at:

University Games has a web page featuring Eric Darnell. You can order Eric's boomerangs online:


The following teams will compete in the World Boomerang Championships: Australia I; Australia II; Brazil; Canada; France I; France II; France III; Germany I; Germany II; Germany III; Italy; Japan; Scandinavia;Switzerland I; Switzerland II; USA I; USA II; USA III; International Women's Team.

Team events will take place on July 27, 28 & 30 with the following events: Team Supercatch; Team Relay; Team Endurance Relay; Team Aussie Round; Team Trick Catch/Doubling; Team Accuracy; Team MTA.

The Long Distance Event will be held on the morning of July 29. It is an open tournament, and the results will not be used as a factor to determine Individual or Team World placings. The cost to participate will be $20 USD.

The Individual Tourney will be run on July 31 and August 1. The events will include: Trick Catch/Doubling; Accuracy; Fast Catch; Endurance; MTA & Aussie Round. The Individual Tourney is an open tournament. World Cup competitors, those registered as team members, are eligible to throw in the Individual Tourney at no additional charge. The cost for all others is $75 USD if registered on or before July 1 and $125 USD if registered after July 1. This includes a World Championships T-shirt, which bears the WBC logo designed by Tony Brazelton.

Detailed information on registration and day-to-day activities can be found at: You can pay by certified check or by a major credit card.

Check out Chicago Bob's comprehensive web page with everything relating to the 1998 World Cup at Additional details can be found on the web pages: and

Tom Fitzgerald has email at: You can also call (314) 839-1604 or write to:


Tom Fitzgerald

1159 Holly River Dr.

Florissant, MO 63031



This issue was late again. It is tough catching up on work after you fall behind. I will try to get the July issue out by the end of June.

The auction did not officially end until early June. Several bidders forfeited their bids, requiring me to sell their booms to the next highest bidder. All boomerangs are now paid for and everyone either has their boomerangs or their money. A summary of the winning bids for all boomerangs that had bids higher than $40 is posted below.


No Adjust Bid Manufacturer Item

22 $40 Risher, Tom Reverse "R"

31 $40 Flynn, John Melting "A"

108 $40 Brengulis, Aivars Natural Elbow

12 $41 Hess, Felix Book

54 $41 Dehner, Ben S/L Omega

63 $41 Linton, Ross Kangaroo Skin Bag

145 $41 Dimantchev, Georgi Artistic Tri-Blader

146 $41 Dimantchev, Georgi Tonic Tri-Blader

149 $41 Bertling, Gerhard Fast Catch Tri-Blader

10 $42 Mayhew, H. L. Book

49 $42 Riendeau, Dale Oak Natural Elbow

83 $42 Bonin, Didier Peak Ultimate Shape

86 $42 Bonin, Didier Strange Ultimate Shape

88 $42 Gubler, Lorenz Distance K Hook

126 $42 Vonlanthen, Rene Bird 5

129 $42 Behrens, Volker Dancing Men Flat Top

147 $42 Dimantchev, Georgi Geyser Tri-Blader

192 $42 Cryderman, John S/L Throwstick

28 $43 Behrens, Volker Lapped "V"

124 $43 Peissard, Markus Planet Boom V-Omega

133 $43 Croll, Robert Natural Elbow

30 $44 Behrens, Volker Medium Stardust (Pax)

132 $44 Behrens, Volker Natural Elbow

71 $45 Feuerbach, Rus RusArt Eagle Tri-blader

121 $45 Salzmann, Ruedi Night Tri-blader

11 $46 Mayhew, H. L. Book

25 $46 Flynn, John Fast Catch

69 $46 Alberg, Thornton Coat Hanger

118 $46 Mawick, Eckhard Natural Elbow

130 $46 Behrens, Volker Omega Art Boom

134 $46 Croll, Robert Natural Elbow

26 $47 Flynn, John 8-Ply "V"-rang

59 $47 Barker, Leni S/L Oak Throwstick

60 $47 Barker, Leni S/L Oak Throwstick

127 $47 Dickson, Mike Trick Catch Duo

195 $47 Bailey, Ted Mini-Lambda Hook

29 $48 Behrens, Volker Mini-Challenger (Pax)

55 $48 DuFresne, Doug S/L Omega

76 $48 Kalmanson, Neil Boom Art

77 $48 Kalmanson, Neil Boom Art

84 $48 Bonin, Didier Loop Ultimate Shape

171 $48 Naylor, Carl Hook

143 $49 Behrens, Volker Paxolin Doublers

74 $50 Feuerbach, Rus RusArt Eagle Hook

141 $50 Dimantchev, Georgi Pamela MTA

38 $51 Russell, Dan Flying Razor

117 $51 Mawick, Eckhard Natural Elbow

140 $51 Kirov, Konstantin Lady Without Dress Tri-Blader

180 $51 Harding, Rusty Harding Omega

4 $52 Veit, Günter Book

109 $52 Brengulis, Aivars Natural Elbow

115 $52 Mawick, Eckhard Natural Elbow

136 $52 Münch, Thomas S/L "U"

27 $53 Read, Bunny Admiral Hat Omega

82 $54 Bonin, Didier Zarbi Ultimate Shape

104 $54 Graham, Steven Boomerang Throwing Man

36 $56 Harding, Rusty Omega

116 $56 Mawick, Eckhard Natural Elbow

48 $57 Hawes, Lorin Silky Spinner

51 $60 Riendeau, Dale Inlayed Hook

122 $60 Horvath, Tibor Far #22 Distance Hook

148 $60 Dimantchev, Georgi Avantage

32 $62 Cross, John Inlaid "U"

135 $62 Bertling, Gerhard S/L Tri-blader

137 $62 Münch/Behrens S/L Omega

142 $62 Dimantchev, Georgi Quirl MTA

144 $62 Dimantchev, Georgi Sky Shuttle Omega

182 $62 Smith, Herb Big Red Hook

34 $63 Barker, Leni Big "U"

186 $64 Hawes, Lorin Silky Spinner

44 $65 Read, Bunny Traditional

16 $66 Ruhe, Ben; Darnell, Eric Book

23 $70 Read, Bunny WycheProof Hook

57 $71 Barker, Leni Birch Throwstick

91 $73 Burwell, Bob Competition Hook

33 $75 Cross, John Inlaid "U"

58 $75 Barker, Leni Birch Throwstick

9 $76 Smith, Herb Book

42 $76 Riendeau, Dale Bat-a-rang

112 $79 Cuartas, Oscar Curtis Boomatrang

114 $79 Mawick, Eckhard Natural Elbow Tri-blader

1 $80 Schurink, Ger Book

123 $80 Gubler, Lorenz Full Power LD Hook

175 $81 Gerhards, Al Gerhards Hook

176 $81 Gerhards, Al Gerhards Hook

178 $81 Gerhards, Al Gerhards Traditional

179 $81 Gerhards, Al Gerhards Traditional

45 $86 Read, Bunny Hook

110 $86 Cuartas, Oscar Lapped MTA

125 $91 Salzmann, Ruedi Asterix II

131 $91 Behrens, Volker Lap Joint V Ebony

79 $93 Kalmanson, Neil Boom Art

14 $96 Pahlow; Silady Book

61 $102 Aboriginal Small Throwstick

113 $106 Cuartas, Oscar 3B-34

93 $112 Smith, Herb Paxolin Kestrel

201 $118 Stiller, Siegfried Young Guns

128 $122 Behrens, Volker C/C Challenger II

190 $126 Donnellan, Frank Donellan Traditional

92 $135 Smith, Herb Pax Short Tornado

53 $138 Baals, Bob Veneered Omega

111 $145 Cuartas, Oscar Lapped Lark 14

138 $150 Gerhards, Al S/L Open "U"

103 $162 Smith, Herb Pax Mini Marathon

2 $166 Hawes, Lorin Book

99 $168 Aboriginal Aboriginal Throwstick

80 $171 Smith, Herb Pax Sussex Ranger

191 $181 Donnellan, Frank Whalebone Traditional

177 $216 Gerhards, Al Gerhards Hook

98 $218 Aboriginal Aboriginal Returner

81 $242 Smith, Herb Birch Sussex Ranger

102 $256 Aboriginal Central Desert Throwstick

101 $278 Aboriginal Central Desert Throwstick

24 $384 Janetzki, Les & Arthur Skippy

100 $427 Aboriginal Central Desert Throwstick


A total of $1,689.35 was raised for 1998 World Cup teams. The Team Cup proceeds were as follows:


All Teams: $73.00

Canada: $137.00

French Team (Bonin): $127.35

German Young Guns: $402.00

Scandinavia $21.00

Swiss II $361.00

USA Team (Ruhf) $435.00

USA Team Red $47.00

USA Team Blue $24.00

USA Team White $24.00

USA Teams (Split) $38.00


I have already received a large number of boomerangs for the Fall 1998 Boomerang Auction. Contact me immediately if you have anything that you want to add. There is room for only a few additional boomerangs or related paraphernalia. These items must be collectable, high performance or special art/woodworking boomerangs. Details about the Fall Boomerang Auction are at:


This publication is produced monthly. Every issue is packed with 8 pages containing all the information you need to stay current in the ever changing world of boomeranging. The distribution of BN currently stands at 169 USA and 71 overseas subscribers. Eight issues of "Boomerang News" costs only $10 in the USA; $12 in Canada and $20 overseas. You can subscribe by sending payment (make check or M.O. out to Ted Bailey) with your name, address & phone number to:


Ted E. Bailey

P. O. Box 6076

Ann Arbor, MI 48106




Boomerang News Calendar of Events

This calendar is on the WWW at:

North America

19 June 1998 Summer Solstice Throw Norm Kern 248-645-9308 1640 Haynes St.; Birmingham, MI 48009-6819

28 June 1998 4th West Seattle Open Betsylew Miale-Gix 425-485-1672 3351 236th St. S.W.; Brier, WA 98036-8421

18 July 1998 Earth & Sky Radio Beverly Wachtel Public Radio Listen to an explanation as to why boomerangs return!

19 July 1998 11th W. Oregon Roundup Dean Kelly 503-581-8050 1938 Fieldcrest Ct S; Salem, OR 97306

19 July 1998 Long Distance Comp. Erik Fields 805-564-4840 1501 Clifton St.; Santa Barbara, CA 93103

26 Jul-2 Aug '98 World Cup Championships Tom Fitzgerald 314-839-1604 1159 Holly River Dr.; Florissant, MO 63031

1/2 August '98 17th NE Ohio CVNRA David Boehm 216-289-6324 P. O. Box 17385; Euclid, OH 44117

8 August 1998 Free Throwers Tourn. Chet Snouffer 740-363-8332 1868 Panhandle Road; Delaware, OH 43015

29 August '98 Emmaus Day & Night T1 Dr. Barnaby Ruhe 610-967-3683 4926 S. 5th St.; Emmaus, PA 18049

30 August '98 Emmaus Day & Night T2 Mike Barrett 610-282-4913 5067 Homestead Dr.; Coopersburg, PA 18036

6 Sept. 1998 4th Illinois Classic Comp. Tony Brazelton 217-352-6184 2405 Lawndale Drive; Champaign, IL 61821

13 Sept. 1998 10th Novice Tournament Norm Kern 248-645-9308 1640 Haynes St.; Birmingham, MI 48009-6819

12/13 Sept. '98 2nd Outer Banks Comp. John Koehler 757-437-1185 210 60th St.; Virginia Beach, VA 23451

27 Nov. 1998 Michigan Turkey Toss Norm Kern 248-645-9308 1640 Haynes St.; Birmingham, MI 48009-6819



19/21 June '98 1998 AMSBC Heikki Niskanen +358 17 2633211 Tasavallankatu 10 a 1, 70620 KUOPI; Finland

27/28 June '98 British Nationals & Int'l Edward Cadman 44 (1449) 49 67 15 42 Thurlow Court; Stowmarket; Suffolk IP14 1HZ; UK

27/28 June '98 19th German Nationals Eckhard Mawick +49 (451) 70 51 81 Wakenitzmauer 64; D-23552 Lübeck; Germany

4/5 July 1998 Charleville-Mézières Comp Michel Dufayard +33 (3) 24 33 92 13 44, rue du Moulin; 08000 Charleville-Mézières; France

11/12 July 1998 1st Aalen Competition Peter Dürr +49 (7963) 1311 Eichenstraße 33; 73486 Adelmannsfelden; Germany

18/19 July 1998 4. Düren City Cham Heinz-Willi Dammers +49 (2421) 68 00 63 Am Wingert 84; 52355 Düren; Germany

15/16 August '98 6th Bielefelder Bumerang Lothar Haase )05221) 85 50 70 Kattenschling 24; 32049 Herford; Germany

23 August 1998 Holland Int'l Competition Erik Leferink +31 (70) 329 7857 Remmersteinstraat 157; 2532 AZ Den Haag; Netherlands

29/30 Aug 1998 DBC Birthday Party Eckhard Mawick +49 (451) 70 51 81 Wakenitzmauer 64; D-23552 Lübeck; Germany

29/31 Aug 1998 Trefriw BBS Competition Jay Butters 44 (1492) 64 10 09 Garmon View; School Hill; Trefriw; N. Wales LL27 0NJ; UK

5/6 Sept 1998 Alsace Competition Roland Untereiner + 33 (3) 88 56 37 32 3 Rue Georges Brassens; 67205 Oberhausbergen; France

12/13 Sep. '98 Besançon Competition Laurent Crassa (33) 3 81 55 62 28 15 Avenue du 60em RI; 25000 Besançon; France

12/13 Sept. 1998 7th Berlin Championships Gerhard Bertling +49 (30) 215 3008 Potsdamer Str. 150; 10783 Berlin; Germany

19 Sept 1998 Holland Internal Comp Erik Leferink +31 (70) 329 7857 Remmersteinstraat 157; 2532 AZ Den Haag; Netherlands

19/20 Sept. '98 12th Swiss Nationals Ruedi Salzmann +41 (3441) 11708 Bernstraße 28; 3324 Hindelbank; Switzerland

XX Sept. 1998 Old Warden Fall Throw Edward Cadman 44 (1449) 49 67 15 42 Thurlow Court; Stowmarket; Suffolk IP14 1HZ; UK

XX Sept. 1998 Blacktown Championships Peter Lewry +61 (2) 96 22 29 27 12 Burke St.; Blacktown NSW 2148; Australia

11 October 1998 2nd Dietikon Fun Throw Rene Vonlanthen +41 (1) 740 0749 Vorstadtstrasse 1; 8953 Dietikon; Switzerland

24/25 Oct 1998 Vosges LD Competition Roland Untereiner + 33 (3) 88 56 37 32 3 Rue Georges Brassens; 67205 Oberhausbergen; France

15 Nov. 1998 Blue Mtn. Championships Br. Brian M. Thomas (02) 9369 0675 131 Birrell St; Waverley NSW 2024; Australia

5/6 Dec 98 Alsace Indoor Competition Roland Untereiner + 33 (3) 88 56 37 32 3 Rue Georges Brassens; 67205 Oberhausbergen; France

1/2 May 1999 BAA National Champ. Br. Brian M. Thomas (02) 9369 0675 131 Birrell St; Waverley NSW 2024; Australia

24/25 July '99 Boomerang Cup Eckhard Mawick +49 (451) 70 51 81 Wakenitzmauer 64; D-23552 Lübeck; Germany

December '99 Int'l Millenium Throw Earl Tutty +64 3 384 5405 17 Truscotts Rd.; Heathcote Valley; Christchurch 2; NZ

2000 World Cup Championships Rob Croll (03) 9887-5085 5 Tyson Ct.; Wantirna South; Victoria 3152; Australia

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