Boomerang Manufacturers & Vendors 

updated: 4 November 2016

The best way to save money on your boomerang products is to shop around. This web page lists a large number of reputable boomerang manufacturers and retailers. These vendors sell everything from ethnographic items to wonderful sports, competition and collectable boomerangs. I have sorted this listing by region. I have eliminated vendors with a reputation for poor products and service. You should contact several retailers and compare both products and pricing. Choose sellers who can offer the technical support that is required when you purchase advanced products that require tuning and/or special throwing skills. Remember, the person who made the product knows a lot more about that boomerang that anyone else in the world.

North & South America

USA - Ted Bailey 's online boomerang catalog. Products include: MTAs, Long Distance, Fast Catch, Doubling, Sporting, Collectable, Low Cost, Throwsticks, Ethnographic Artifacts, Books, Aerobie Rings and Discs, Gliders, Slings and lots of other flying toys. Lots of unusual products that you will not find on any other web site can be purchased here. This vendor is a retired Aerospace Engineer with more than 30 years of experience designing and developing advanced boomerang products. The seller has a full working knowledge of all boomerang products and he can help you tune and throw everything in the online catalog and help make recommendations based on your throwing abilities, strength and personal preferences.

The Boomerang Man - Richard Harrison's catalog with a large selection of boomerangs for Sport or Competition throwing.  Tuning and throwing instructions are always supplied with your order. Shipping is only $6 for orders up to $49.99.  Rich has been selling boomerangs since 1975. As one of Rich's first customers, I have always been happy with the pricing and products received on all my orders. Rich has my highest recommendations.

Glover Boomerangs is a website with a large selection of handcrafted sport boomerangs, each made out of high quality Birch plywood or Paxolin and with attractive, handpainted artwork. Everything is handmade in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Bill also has a web page filled with collectable boomerangs from all over the world. You can also visit Bill Glover's Boomeranging Blog to learn about the sport boomerangs that Bill Glover has for sale.

Pat Cardiff makes beautiful plywood boomerangs in the shape of animals and people. Check out the Pat Cardiff Art website for Pat's boomerangs and oil paintings.

Scott Hawkins makes and sells boomerangs on his Red Frog Boomerangs website. Models include a lapped triblader and a Mahogany Cross Stick

Gregg Snouffer markets a large supply of sport boomerangs for beginners through his Roundtrip Boomerangs web page. Gregg is a top competitor on the USA Competition Team and he has been marketing boomerangs since 1987.

Mark Legg markets a large selection of competition and sport boomerangs on his Legacy Boomerangs website. The MTA boomerangs are especially high performance and the price is great. Check it out!

Western Stage Props is a website based in Las Vegas that has all kinds of unusual products, such as whips, knives, tomahawks and even boomerangs and bullroarers. Their boomerang products are the 'hard to find in the USA' Duncan MacLennan traditional models from Australia. You can also purchase the Bernard Mason boomerang book on this website.

Richard Lincoln is a boat builder in Kent City, Michigan. He makes two triblader boomerangs that work really well and the price is very attractive. These tribladers fly with a low and very circular flight, like a Fast Catch boom, only slower. They make great sports boomerangs. You can visit Lincoln's Brasswind Gallery website or go directly to his Back to you Boomerangs web page for more information. You can also download tuning and throwing instructions from this website.

The Wishbone Boomerangs website has a selection of several finely crafted sports boomerangs made by John Villagrana. Each boomerang is made out of Birch plywood and is guaranteed by the manufacturer because every boomerang is test thrown before it is sold. Also, check out the Wishbone boom links , throwing instructions and how to make web pages.

Bear Boomerangs is a link to where you can find information and links about boomerangs, links to where you can get boomerangs plans to make them and links to photos of boomerangs Bear had made, crafted and decorated. there is also links to videos where Bear shows your how to properly throw different boomerangs.

Bruce Bernstein has a Rangs By Bruce website which show his beautiful Birch plywood models. These are all sport boomerangs with artwork similar to the boomerangs made by Herb Smith. Bruce tunes and test throws his boomerang products before they are shipped. Well worth a visit!

Jeremy Levine sells boomerangs from his Crescent Moon Boomerangs website. You can find links to other boom sellers, instructions and Jeremy's products on his web page.

Kendall Davis has posted a rather nice Kendall Davis Boomerang Catalog web site specializing in beginner to intermediate boomerangs, including some competition-grade models.  There are several models to choose from & special orders, lap-joint boomerangs, and extra large boomerangs on request. Kendall's products are excellent. His workmanship and finish is superb.

 Steven Graham sells really nice home made boomerangs through is Graham Boomerangs web page. Steven is an artist and works with natural woods or quality plywoods and finishes his boomerangs with beautiful artwork. Steven's products are excellent. His workmanship and art is superb.

Geoff Hatcher has a really nice selection of competition, indoor and backyard boomerang products on his Hatcher Boomerangs website.

Alan Scott Craig has posted a web page depicting his fine art boomerangs at Art of Boomerang. Check out the complex boomerang sets that depict fish, birds and other animals on this website.

Desert Enterprises links you to four web pages by Desert Artists and boom makers: Don Monroe, Bill Adamson, Jeff Crandall and Dwaine Morris. Great animated Graphics and some nice booms too and really low prices. This page links to Sky Tested Boomerangs, D.A.M. Rangs and Coyote Boomerangs. Dwaine Morris also makes a selection of Native American Rabbitsticks or Throwsticks including a Rabbit Stick Returner. 

Rhino Toys markets a large version of the proFly that floats called the MegaRang.

Billy Reed Advertising has a three bladed boomerang that can be made in 4 different colors and imprinted with an advertisement.

Chet Snouffer has an online catalog with his sporting and competition boomerang products at Leading Edge Boomerangs. is the Online Boomerang Super Store. Boomerangs for kids, boomerangs for hobbyists and competition boomerangs. Featuring thousands of boomerangs in stock and one of the widest selections of boomerangs in the world! Representative for Colorado Boomerangs, Aboriginal Steve , Gel Boomerangs , Wallaby Boomerangs , Blue*Star Boomerangs , Boomerarte , Rangs , Spinback Boomerangs. directs visitors only to and their suppliers.

The Australian Catalogue Company is a great source for anything made in Australia, including boomerangs, Aboriginal items, books, food, tapes + CDs and even boomerang jewelry.

Lance Cherney of LRC Enterprises has a new boomerang product called the Boomacopter. These come in two sizes - large and even larger and they come in 3 styles. These Poplar wood cross sticks are light weight and they have a bolt through the center with a helicopter fuselage at the bottom to make them easy to catch. Check out the Boomacopter website today!

Yahoo! - Business:Sports:Boomerang - is a web page with links to boomerang businesses that pay $$$ to be added to this link.


John Cryderman has posted a web page with his World's Greatest Boomerangs web site with promotional information about his strip laminated and plywood boomerangs.


Miguel Tissieres has a Spanish language VooDoo Boomerangs website where he markets boomerang products from Argentina, Brazil & Bulgaria. This website has information on where to throw in Argentina, throwing instructions, contacts, etc.

Edgardo Confessore has a Spanish language website titled Power Booms. Lots of traditional and sport boomerangs for sale with videos to see how boomerangs fly.

Carlos Martini is the web master for Bahadara Sports, a rather comprehensive Brazilian web site heavily invloved in the marketing of fine boomerang products and in the organization of international competition. The web site is in Portuguese, but this is easy to read if you know any Spanish or Italian. The list of boomerang products for sale is rather comprehensive with everything from multi-bladers to two bladed competition models.
Ricardo Bruni Marx has a comprehensive website in Brazilian Portuguese at
Walter Mazar has posted the Mazar Bumerang Web Page featuring his boomerang activities. 

Jair from Brazil has posted the Boomania web site with a large number of commercial plywood boomerangs. This includes traditional, triblader and omega designs.

Ricardo Martínez is the best source for boomerang products in Peru. You can find his catalog of boomerang products on his website at:



Georgi Dimantchev makes a large number of high tech boomerang products, especially MTA & Distance models. Check out Dimana Competition Boomerang web page today.


Airweaver specialises in top quality airbourne products ranging from kites and boomerangs to yo-yo's, poi, kiwido and much more. Airweaver stocks items ranging from beginner level to more advanced products for the experienced user.

Philip Auchincloss makes a wonderful line of plywood and strip laminated boomerang products in Scotland. Check out the DAVRO Boomerangs web site today.

Pete Thake of New Heart Trading has organized the Euro-Rang website with a large selection of boomerang products from [mostly] European manufacturers like Blue Star, Davro, Rangs UK, Boomerang Fan & more.

Wicked Vision Ltd in London sells a number of Rangs brand boomerang products. Check out today.

Jeff & Karen Lammers have a great web site called Flying Toys that has a large selection of flying toys including boomerangs. Check out their other flying toys, especially the paper airplane products. 

The Gift Store UK offers a boomerang kit for £18.99 which includes a boomerang, a booklet and a can of wax in an attractive gift box.


LMI-Fox has a web page with a description of their excellent plastic boomerang products, designed by many of Europe's most talented boomerang manufacturers. These are top performance boomerangs. There is even a plastic lefty. You can also email LMI-Fox Boomerangs to find out more.

Boomerang Evolution is a French website with lots of boomerang products for sale. Most are multibladers suitable for competition or Sport throwing. Sébastien Guiheux has been throwing boomerangs for more than 25 years, so he can help you with your selection of boomerangs to throw.

Pierre Boillon Boom Plans is a French website that is loaded with plans for boomerangs with exotic shapes. It is fun to browse through all of the possible shapes for working boomerang models.


DAS BUMERANG-PROJEKT Design Studio is a German website that sells lots of Sport and Special function boomerangs. This website is maintained by Winfried Gorny.

Redis Bumerang Homepage - A great German web page with lots of links. This website no longer has boomerangs for sale, but the liks and information resources are still on this website which is available in either German or English. Maintained by Dietmar Reinig.

Bruno Moller's Boom Katalog - Bruno Moller's boomerang catalog in German with lots of terrific boomerangs for sale at a great price.

Monsieur France is a German website, but in the French language, with lots of plans for boomerangs with and exotic shape. A nice gallery that is fun to browse.


Boomerang Long Distance is a new Italian website that markets long distance and natural elbow boomerangs. The elbows are well made and beautiful. The long distance boomerangs are the extreme range models made out of composite materials. For more information, contact Giorgio Calcagni.


Cosmic Boomerang - The website is in Spanish or English and has both boomerangs and didjeridus. The boomerang catalog has about a dozen models ranging from traditional shapes to tribladers. There are several didjeridoos made out of plastic or different hardwoods, all nicely decorated in traditional Aboriginal art work. Nice website! Contact Victor Resa for more info.

Boomerangmania Total is a really neat web site with a catalog and photos of boomerangs with interesting shapes and art; a facts page and a links page. This page is available in both English and Spanish.

 Down Under

New Zealand

Flying Toys Ltd. is a company based in New Zealand and Australia that manufactures and wholesales sport and leisure boomerangs. Contact Ross Robertson for more information.


Murra Wolka Creations is a source for Aboriginal manufactured crafts like didjeridus and returning boomerangs in the state of Queensland. Joe Skeen Jr. comes from a long line of Aboriginal boomerang makers and his creations are among the best Aboriginal crafts to be found in Australia.

The Aussie Boomerang Shop manufactures traditional shape boomerangs that really work and they are hand decorated by Australian Aborigines. This organization was spun off from the old Mananura Aboriginal Co-op, so the artists are well known and the boomerangs are true returners.

The Australia Souvenir Gift Shop sells Australian gifts and souvenirs. This includes returning boomerang products. They have an excellent web page with Instructions for throwing a left or right handed boomerang.

Adam Carroll makes MTA, Fast Catch, Doubler, Trick Catch and Sports boomerangs in Tasmania and sells them at really attractive prices on the Real Boomerang Web Site. Highly recommended supplier!

Leanne Read has a nice catalog web page depicting her Wycheproof Boomerang Products (highly recommended!)

Returning Boomerangs has a large selection of Australian made returning boomerangs, hand painted with unique aboriginal designs. Choose from a wide selection including Aboriginal, Sports and kids boomerangs. Many of the models are made by Rangs Australia.

Russell Hansen has posted a Boomerang Info web page with a link to sales of his beginner and really nice art traditional boomerangs. 

Rob Croll has posted the Boomerang Craftsmen Australia web page with boomerangs, didjeridoos and artifacts for sale.

Michael Terry of Billabong Factor has posted a great web page with Natural Elbow Aboriginal Boomerangs having great artwork and sold at attractive prices. Some gift sets include a boomerang book.

Graeme Moyse has posted a web page for Boomerang Arts & Crafts . This online store sells both throwsticks and returning boomerangs with exceptional Aboriginal art. No plywood here. Everything is a natural elbow.

Kurt Zint has posted a web page called that features a line of art boomerangs made by Aboriginal artists such as Bluey Roberts from the Ngarrindjeri Tribe located in the Murray region of South Australia. Also on this site are carved Emu eggs, didjeridoos and other Aboriginal crafts.

Narana Creations is an Australia company that employs indigenous people from the community in Victoria. They have have a large range of returnable and souvenir boomerangs as well as didgeridoos, artifacts, paintings, clothing and homewares for sale in their online store.

Boomerang Shack is an Aussie web site that sells Returning Boomerangs, Boomerang Gift Sets, Aboriginal Art Boomerangs, Hunting Boomerangs and things like didjeridoos, bull roarers and clap sticks.

Laddie Timbery is an Aborigine who is a member of a large family of Aboriginal artists, all with a lengthy family history of making and painting boomerangs and other Aboriginal implements.



Rangs Japan Boomerang World - This is the home page for the commercial marketing arm of Rangs products based in Japan. There is also a Rangs Japan page in Japanese. For more info, contact Hide and Miki Kobayashi.

The "kiwi-house" website is the home page of a boomerang shop and club in Kitokyushiu and is associated with the West Japan Boomerang Club.  Of special interest  on this website are the expensive S.Arase boomerangs. Contact Masashi Shimizu for more information.


South Africa

Wayne Morgan of Red Air Boomerangs manufactures several quality handmade boomerang products in Gauteng South Africa. Models include tribladers and hooks.

Alan James has a web page advertising several boomerang products for AB Boomerangs

The Yahoo Boomerang Web Ring also has a large list of commercial boomerang related web pages.
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