Janetzki Bandicoot with Fine Art

Item PA02 

This Item was Sold for $362

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Les & Arthur Janetzki were senior citizens when they started making and throwing boomerangs in the 1960s. The Janetzki brothers continued with their hobby until their death nearly three decades later. Les & Arthur made very few fine art boomerangs and they never sold them. Instead, they were given away as gifts to other competitors at Aussie tournaments. Les constructed the boomerang. He made his own plywood by laminating packing box boards together. Les then shaped the airfoils and sanded the boomerang surface smooth. Next, Arthur would apply art to the boomerang. When they were finished, the final product was a beautiful piece of flying art. Janetzki boomerangs were legendary for their high performance in events such as Accuracy, Consecutive Catch and Australian Round. These boomerangs were so popular that they were nicknamed the "Rolls Royce" of the boomerang world. At Brother Brian Thomas' suggestion, they started painting the initials "RJR" on the underside of the elbows. "RR" represented "Rolls Royce" and "J" representing "Janetzki". These boomerangs are almost never sold. Prices almost always start near $100 for unpainted examples. Some of the finest art examples have sold for more than $1,000!

This boomerang comes from the Hugh Vandergrift estate. It is an extremely fine Janetzki boomerang with "RJR" painted on the underside of the elbow as well as the name of the model, "Bandicoot". It is one of their earlier designs and it was used for Accuracy and Consecutive Catch. It was probably made in the mid 1980s. This boomerang is one of the nicer Janetzki art boomerangs with a kangaroo painted on one blade and a serpent painted on the other blade. It is in excellent condition with minimal natural wood flaws.

Specifications: Right Handed ; Length = 35 cm ; Weight = 84 gm

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