Pat Cardiff's "Dendrobates Speciosus Frog" Art Boomerang

Item PC29 

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Pat Cardiff is a well known American boomerang craftsman and artist who lives in Ann Arbor and makes his fine art boomerangs whenever he has time. Pat specializes in making special theme boomerangs, especially animal art and human caricatures and portraits. Pat's boomerangs have been exhibited in galleries, universities and libraries around the USA. These boomerangs not only look terrific, but they fly well too. Cardiff Art Boomerangs are found in almost every major boomerang collection.

This wonderful art boomerang was made in 1999. It depicts the Dedrobates Speciosus frog with the outstretched legs making up the two blades of the boomerang. The body of the frog makes up the counterbalanced elbow section. The Dendrobates frogs are commonly called Poison Arrow or Poison Dart Frogs because the South American Indians extract poison from their skin to use on their arrow and blow gun dart tips. Please see the photo below for a more complete description.

Specifications: Right Handed ; Tip-to-tip Span = 42 cm ; Weight = 120 gm

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