Composite MTA by Jonas Romblad

Item RP03      

This Item was Sold on 30 October 2009 for $256

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Jonas Romblad made a major contribution to the sport of boomeranging in the 1990s when he developed the first composite MTA. These MTAs used the basic design of the Bailey Wind Sailor MTA except instead of making them out of plywood, Jonas made the MTAs out of numerous composite materials so that the MTA was perfectly tuned, stiff and ready to throw. These MTAs became the hottest boomerangs on the competition circuit. Jonas sold them for $100 each and they were worth it. After a few years, Jonas became preoccupied with getting his Ph.D and then with his Engineering career. Then he sort of just dropped out of the boomerang scene. Not many of these MTA boomerangs have survived over the years. A few broke when they hit the ground on a bad throw, but the majority of them just floated away. In the late 1990s, I sold approximately a dozen of these in the boomerang auctions (#9, #11, #12). The prices realized were between $176 and $285. Today, there are more than a dozen manufacturers who make composite MTAs, but none of these have the reputation of the Romblad MTA.

This Jonas Romblad MTA was made in the 1990s for Richard Pollock Nelson. It is labeled as such and numbered as #251 on the underside. The elbow of the upper surface has Jonas' blue and white logo. The color is black and with a high gloss finish. There are a few tiny rough edges on the tips and at the elbow near the lap interface. These could have been been part of the manufacturing process. You have to look hard to see them. This MTA is still in very good to excellent condition and it appears to still have it's original tune, but I am afraid to test throw it because I don't want to loose it.

Specifications: Right Handed ; Tip-to-tip Span = 37 cm ; Weight = 15 gm

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