Les & Arthur Janetzki's "Pintubi"

Item TB32 

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The Janetzki brothers (Les & Arthur) made some of the finest competition and sporting boomerangs in the 20th Century. Les & Arthur made very few boomerangs and they were almost never sold. Instead, they were given away as gifts to other throwers that they met at tournaments. Les & Arthur Janetzki wereVaudeville performers in the early 1900s. After they retired in the1960s, they started making and throwing boomerangs at their home in the town of Albury, Australia. They were senior citizens when they started to make and throw boomerangs and they continued with their boomerang hobby until their death nearly three decades later. Les would construct his own plywood by laminating packing box boards together, shaping the airfoils and sanding them smooth. Arthur would apply the art work. When they were done, they had a wonderful flying piece of art with legendary performance in events such as Accuracy, Consecutive Catch and Australian Round. These boomerangs worked so well that they were nicknamed the "Rolls Royce" of all boomerangs and upon the suggestion of Brother Brian Thomas, they started painting the initials "RJR" on the reverse side of the elbows in the 1980s with "RR" representing "Rolls Royce" and "J" representing "Janetzki". Owners of these fine boomerangs have been reluctant to sell them. Janetzki boomerangs can still be found in the throw kits of the most seasoned competitors as well as in the best collections. Premium Janetzki boomerangs can sell for hundreds of dollars and some of the finest examples have sold for more than $1,000!

The Pintubi is their most popular traditional shape. This is a very early Pintubi with a larger angle between the blades. This Pintubi ws made in 1975 and the date is integrted into the pyrography art on the upper surface, along with an echidna, goanna and serpent. The reverse has the word Pintubi and a radiating star pattern burned into the lower elbow surface. This boomerang is in excellent condition except for a scratch just to the right of the elbow. If you have experience working with furniture, then this blemish should be easy to repair.

This boomerang is from the estate of Brother Brian Thomas. This is one boomerang that he would never let out of his collection before his death. The sales of this boomerang will benefit one or more charities that provide relief to the victims of the 2004 Tsunami Disaster in South-East Asia.

Specifications: Right Handed ; Tip-to-tip Span = 40 cm ; Weight = 98 gm

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