Central Desert Shield with Herringbone Fluting

Item A03 

This Item was Sold on 19 July 2016 for $354

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This old shield was made out of Mulga in the first half of the 20th Century by Aborigines in the Central Desert. region of Australia. The entire upper surface is fluted in the desirable Herringbone pattern. The reverse side of the shield has an integral handle and 6 bands of fluting. The outer edges of the shield and the handle have the characteristic blonde color of Mulga. The dark wood is dark red brown indicating an age of 75 - 100 years, but still properly made in the traditional Aboriginal ways. There are several small insect burrowing holes visible on the back face and a small number of shallow edge abrasions, bit not cracks or major damage. This shield is in better condition than most that you will find. I acquired it from the Barclay Gallery in 1988.

Length = 72 cm ; Width = 12 cm ; Weight = 838 gm

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