Rock Wallaby Bark Painting by Yuan Yuan - Oenpelli Aboriginal Mission

Item A77    

This Item was Sold on 2June 2015 for $300

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This medium size stringybark painting was made by Yuan Yuan from the Oenpelli Aboriginal Mission in Arnhem Land, Northern Territories. The painting depicts a Rock Wallaby. There is a provenance label on the back of this bark painting. . The top and bottom of the bark is pierced with holes and sticks are tied to the top and bottom edges of the bark to keep it flat. The bark is in very good condition. There are a few shallow cracks in the surface due to moisture loss in the bark over the years. I purchased this bark in 1989, so I can guarantee that this bark is at least 25 years of age, but it is probably much older.

Length = 47 cm ; Width = 37 cm ; Weight = 694 gm

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