Bark Painting with Stingray from Northern Territories, Australia

Item A83  

This Item was Sold on 2 August 2013 for $274

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This item is a medium size stringybark painting that was purchased from the William Fagan Arms & Armour Company in 1990. The central theme of this bark is three fish, the largest being a stingray. This bark is not framed on the ends to keep it flat for hanging on a wall. The bark has a curl (bark's natural trunk curvature). In addition there is some waviness. One end (near the mouth of the stingray) has a natural split from moisture loss. Some collectors straighten out barks by adding moisture to the back of the bark and slowly pressing the bark into a flat position and then adding rigid sticks at the top so that the barks can be hung on the wall This bark displays well by resting it on a table top with the back edge against a wall.

Length = 51 cm ; Width = 27 cm ; Weight = 530 gm

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