Prehistoric Eskimo Bone Artifact Collection

Item A91  

This Item was Sold on 14 November 2020 for $241

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This is a collection of 8 prehistoric Eskimo artifacts made out of bone. Everything except for the Atlatl Peg (spur) was found on St. Lawrence Island. The Atlatl Peg is from Alaska. The collection includes a broken end from a bone atlatl handle, an atlatl peg or spur in excellent condition, A spear point that looks like a bird head with an eye hole and mouth slot, a sewing needle with a hooked end (for nets?), a pointed bone segment that could be a spear point, a very thin bone segment with a small hole at one end that could be a fishing lure. This might be from a bird? And two fossilized Walrus teeth that could be used as bola weights, but there is no drilled hole. A very nice collection of very old Eskimo artifacts.

Length = 15 cm ; Weight = 128 gm

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