Native American Ball Head Club with Deer Antler Prong

Item AA5 

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This unusual club was made by Native Americans in the North Eastern Woods of North America. I acquired this club from an antiquity dealer in Cleveland, Ohio in the mid 1980s. It was made in the late 19th Century. The head has the typical ball. There is also a deer antler prong protruding from the end of the ball. The club has many drilled holes that are filled in with a soft metal, probably lead. I am sure this is a decoration and not an attempt to add weight to the club. The body of the club also has many holes and channels near the ball that appear to be insect damage. Some of the voided space is filled in with something that looks like a mixture of saw dust with a binder. The handle end has a drilled hole and a piece of leather. The leather looks like it was added after the club was made. The cross section of the club is rectangular with rounded edges. Other than the insect damage, the club is in very good condition with no dings or cracks.

Length = 66 cm ; Weight = 405 gm

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