North African ( Tuareg ) Decorated Steel War Club

Item AA8

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This is a North African war club made out of steel. It was purchased from the Barclay Gallery and marked as a Tuareg steel club from the 19th Century. It is very well made and in very nice condition. It is also very heavy. The haft is flattened and expanded at the base and pierced for a wrist thong. The other end has an expanded medial and egg shaped head inlaid with brass pellets. It is roughly forged with deep chiseled bands of decorations over the entire length. I cannot find any references for steel clubs from North Africa. The Barclay Gallery acquired this club from an auction house in London in the 1980s and it was marked as a 19th Century Tuareg war club. That is the best provenance I can offer on this piece.

Span = 39 cm ; Weight = 1027 gm

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