Meso-Isthmus (Yucatan) Atlatl

Item AF8 

This Item was Sold on 31 March 2020 for $252

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This atlatl was made in the Yucatan region of Mexico in the 1800s. It is very well made. The spur is recessed into the body of the atlatl. The handle has cordage tightly wraped over a length of 14 cm. The wrap holds two finger loops in place. The unusual thing about this atlatl is that there is a large and very heavy lead weight held in place by a second wrap of cordage in such a way that the weight can be moved up or down the body of the atlatl. The weight feels too heavy to be practical, but it does look like this is the way it was used. It does have minor wear from use, but it is still inremarkably good condition. A very rare type with some age.

Atlatl Length = 61 cm ; Weight = 816 gm

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