Aboriginal Hunting Boomerang from Queensland, Australia

Item AG58      

This Item was Sold on 2 November 2013 for $88

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This Aboriginal hunting boomerang, or throwstick was made out of a tropical hardwood, probably in the early to mid 1900s. This is a small symmetrical hunting stick and it is not decorated. With proper lighting, you can see a fiddleback pattern to the grain. Nicely shaped and with excellent airfoiling, The surfaces are scraped smooth. This was done by wetting the surface of the wood and scraping the soft surface layer off with a sharp stone or metal tool. This small throwstick has pointed tips, similar to the older throwsticks from South East Queensland. This hunting boomerang has a very unusual size and shape and the species of Eucalyptus that does not darken with age is also uncommon. One small nick on the outer edge near the elbow. From the Al Gerhards collection. Purchased as a collectible in Australia in 1981.

Length = 45 cm ; Weight = 102 gm

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