Australian Aboriginal Club with Hook and Boomerang Features

Item BR113 

This Item Sold on 1 November 2007 for $437

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This very unusual club from South Eastern Australia was purchased more than 20 years ago from an antiquities dealer in Alice Springs. It has features found on clubs, woomeras and boomerangs, all mixed together. I went through more than a dozen books trying to identify exactly what this artifact is and how it is used. I found nothing that was even close to it. This piece is made out of a medium weight hardwood with a coarse grain having alternating layers of hard and soft material. It has a hook at one end as you would find on a hook, swan neck or "7" style boomerang. The handle narrows down at one end as you would find on a woomera. The surface is smooth and there is some insect damage where the softer wood fits between the alternating layers of hardwood within the grain. The cross section is oval, sort of what you would expect to find on a throwstick or on some Aboriginal clubs. If anyone can identify this artifact more precisely, please contact Ted Bailey Length = 59 cm , Weight = 232 gm

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