Aboriginal Boomerang Club From South East Australia

Item BR114 

This Item Sold on 1 November 2007 for $462

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This large Aboriginal club from South East Australia has features of both a boomerang and a club. This artifact could be thrown or hand held in battle. Carved from a dark hardwood and with a glossy old patina., It does not have sharp edges, but it does have an oval cross section and pronounced curvature to give it aerodynamic stability if thrown like a boomerang or throwstick. Definitely made with stone tools and probably made in the early 1900s. It has some small age cracks and a couple of small blunt trauma dings near the curved end, but this is difficult to see unless you look at the edge. In excellent condition and a good collectable. Another boomerang club was recently sold on eBay as item #320145134510. Length = 69 cm ; Weight = 400 gm

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