Large Stone Cut Aboriginal Boomerang from Lake Eyre Region

Item BR115 

This Item Sold on 16 October 2007 for $469

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This large nearly symmetrical Aboriginal non-returning boomerang or throwstick from the Lake Eyre region of South Australia is 33 inches tip-to-tip. Stone cut and with lots of small shallow adze markings on both surfaces. Very dark coloration with fine glossy patination. It does have a one inch nick out of the trailing edge about 5 inches from one tip (see photo) and a few minor edge dings elsewhere. Still extremely attractive and one of the most beautiful throwsticks I have ever seen. Because of it's large size, there may be extra shipping charges and a slight delay while I find suitable packaging material, especially if it needs to be shipped overseas. Length = 83 cm ; Weight = 314 gm

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