Large Boomerang with Incised Aboriginal Art on Entire Surface

Item BR116 

This Item Sold on 16 October 2007 for $512

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This large nearly symmetrical Aboriginal non-returning boomerang or throwstick is 24 inches tip-to-tip, but because of the extreme curvature, the length along the outside edge is a full 32 inches. The shape and airfoiling is typical for very old boomerangs that were made along the South East Coast of Australia, but this is a newer throwstick and probably made in the mid 20th Century. In the early 20th Century, missionaries instructed the Aborigines to add incised art to the surfaces of boomerangs and other artifacts as an enticement to attract tourists. Most of these had a simple kangaroo or emu bird and the mission art artifacts are all too common. This throwstick does not have typical Aboriginal art or mission art. The workmanship is much finer than mission art, both on the background and on the figures within the art. It would take too long to describe everything, so there are extra photos to show you all of the details. The only major flaw is a thin section, approximately 2-3 inches in length that is splintered off of the outer edge about mid-span between the tips. Still extremely attractive and one of the most beautiful throwsticks I have ever seen. Because of it's large size, there may be extra shipping charges and a slight delay while I find suitable a suitable box, especially if it needs to be shipped overseas. Length = 61 cm ; Weight = 244 gm

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