Aboriginal Black Snake Bark Painting from Maningrida

Item BR163   

This Item was Sold on 12 October 2008 for $709

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This item is a wonderful stringybark painting by Peter Wadamu of Maningrida. The painting was completed in 1990. It depicts a black snake known as a Witdit which exists in a fresh water hole called Gurrugurrur close to his clan lands at Mutta Mutta. The reverse side of the painting has a paper glued to it that certifies that the painting was done by the artist in 1990 and with a short description of the subject of the painting. This is a large bark painting and it is in very good condition. The bark is not totally flat. There are some raised areas on the surface, but no splits or cracks.

Height = 75 cm ; Width = 43 cm ; Weight = 1682 gm

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