Greenstone Maori Celt, Resharpened by Virgil Tonn

Item BR171 

This Item was Sold on 12 January 2010 for $117

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This celt or adze is a genuine Maori artifact that was purchased in Christchurch, New Zealand by Ben Ruhe in 1995. The celt was made out of a fine grain green stone (not sure if it is jade) and it was damaged on the sharpened ends from use. Ben Ruhe had Virgil Tonn resharpen the ends. That makes this item a hybrid between a valuable artifact and a lithic piece by a well known knapper. With it's origin and history considered, it is a very nice and valuable piece.

Length = 150 mm ; Width = 45 mm ; Thickness = 11 mm ; Weight = 232 gm

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