Antique Lime Bone Container with Incised Decorations from Kupang, Timor

Item BR189 

This Item was Sold on 14 June 2014 for $29

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This elegantly carved bone container was collected by Ben Ruhe in Kupang, Timor in the early 1980s. The container is probably a lime container that was used for holding lime for Betelnut users. The container has a bottom, but there is not top for sealing the contents. It stands vertically when placed on the sealed end. It would make a beautiful holder for flower stems. There are two bands of carved lizards. The upper section has two lizards. The bottom section has 3 carved lizards. Almost the entire surface is incised with scrimshaw style line art. The container is in excellent condition except for a small chip on the edge of the upper surface. Very nie and probably much older than when it was collected.

Span = 18 cm ; Weight = 140 gm

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