Precision Mammoth Hunter Atlatl & Dart Set (+ Blowguns)

Item BR82 

This Item Sold on 18 January 2008 for $109

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This atlatl is a high tech, precision model made for sport throwing of darts by Bob Perkins of BPS Engineering in Montana. This is one of the nicest atlatls I have ever seen. The spur is a ball bearing that hooks into the conical end of the darts. The atlatl has a bannerstone weight attached to balance the atlatl for greater control. The grip is wrapped with leather and there are leather finger loops. Two darts are included with this item. The darts are Aluminum and seperate into two pieces for easy storage and transport. The tips are steel target tips. Because these darts are rather old, the fletching is in poor condition and may need to be replaced for proper flight. One of the darts has a small compression ding that does not appear to be a major structural issue.
Atlatl: Length = 69 cm ; Weight = 194 gm ; Darts (each): Length = 180 cm ; Weight = 86 gm
The larger blowgun is a high precision model made out of Aluminum tubing. The grip and mouthpiece is rubber. There are two fishing pole "eyes" wrapped onto the body and a spring loaded swivel with steel leader attached to one of the eyes, possibly for positioning and aiming the blowgun prior to shooting the darts. This blowgun is two piece for easy storage and transport. There are no darts with this blowgun, but you can make your own using shishkabob sticks and cotton or needles and cotton or paper. The manufacturer is unknown (probably not Bob Perkins), but it is very well made. Blowgun: Length = 179 cm ; Weight = 366 gm
The smaller blowgun (bottom photo) is probably made out of Aluminum tubing. The terminal end and mouthpiece are made out of plastic. The grip, midway along the length, is made out of a soft foam material. There are no darts with this blowgun, but you can make your own using shishkabob sticks and cotton or needles and cotton or paper. The manufacturer is unknown, but it is a very well made commercial product. Blowgun: Length = 48 cm ; Weight = 70 gm
The atlatl is a device that is used to throw a light weight spear called a dart with considerable mechanical advantage. Atlatls were widely used world wide before the advent of the bow and arrow. Atlatl (pronounced like 'atlantic') is an Aztec word for spear thrower. In Australia, the Aborigines call it the Woomera or Miru. The oldest known atlatl is more than 19,000 years old. It is believed that the atlatl was in use for more than 40,000 years. The atlatl gave man a tremendous hunting advantage and this accelerated the extinction of many large mammals throughout the world. The power that the atlatl imparts to the spear is so great that the Aztecs re-adopted the technology for it's armor piercing capabilities against the Spaniards in the sixteenth century.
Today, many people are rediscovering the atlatl for the recreational purposes of competition and hunting game. Competition involves the following events: long distance; accuracy and target throwing. Some competitions are restricted to the use of primitive materials and technologies. Other competitions allow the use of modern high tech materials and construction methods. The World Record for long distance currently stands at 848.56 feet. This throw was made by Dave Ingvall of St. Joseph, Missouri, USA on 15 July 1995 in Aurora, Colorado. Dave used a carbon fibre atlatl with an aluminum dart of his own construction.

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