Partially Fluted Central Desert Hunting Boomerang

Item CS02 

This Item was Sold on 18 February 2008 for $148

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This Central Desert hunting boomerang is unusual because it has longitudinal fluting over two small sections of the curve. There is no ceremonial Ochre, but the Mulga wood is starting to darken, as would be expected for a 50 year old artifact. There are some natural wood flaws as well as some edge chips on the ends from use and a small natural age crack on one end. There is also a tiny drilled hole near the inner edge of the fluting, possibly for display purposes. This boomerang is the perfect size for throwing. One edge appears to be lightly chared, indicating that the fluting may have been used for starting fires. This one was probably made in the mid 20th Century. These Central Desert hunting boomerangs have the longest straight line flight of any type of Aboriginal non-returning boomerang. They were used for hunting, fighting, lighting fires by friction when rubbed on a shield, digging and for many ceremonial purposes. Used properly one of these could easily fell an emu from 40-60 metres. Length = 64 cm ; Weight = 274 gm

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