Leopard Hunting Spear Point - Africa, 1950s

Item CT04 

This Item was Sold on 9 July 2009 for $48

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This large and heavy spear point is African. Acquired in the 1950s, this spear point was affixed to the end of a shaft and used by young African warriors to prove their manhood by killing a leopard. The warrior would entice a leopard to leap on him and the warrior would place the spear with the butt affixed to the ground to impale the leopard on the end of the spear. The spear point is iron or steel. The surface is rusted throughout, but this is not a heavy incrustation as much of the original surface on the spear tip does show through. Length = 37 cm ; Weight = 520 gm

This artifact is from the estate of Dain Torguson. The family will use the proceeds resulting from the sale of this item to finish and diplay an unfinished sculpture by Dain. The sculpture will reside in a public library in Rapid City, North Dakota.

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