Detachable Seal Hunting Spear - Eskimo Culture

Item CT05 

This Item was Sold on 7 April 2008 for $181

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This Eskimo detachable spear is used to hunt seals. A long wooden shaft is affixed to the base of this detachable end which has a bone spear point and base shaft attachment. The shaft is made out of a light and stiff wood (Spruce?) and has a groove cut around the perimeter midway between the base and the point. Cordage (sinew twine?) is wrapped around the groove, tied and then extended down to the base attachment, which also has a groove. The tip is wrapped with a fine cord (not sinew). The bone base is held in place with metal (copper?) pins. This is a really nice piece and it is in excellent condition. Length = 78 cm ; Weight = 170 gm

This artifact is from the estate of Dain Torguson. The family will use the proceeds resulting from the sale of this item to finish and diplay an unfinished sculpture by Dain. The sculpture will reside in a public library in Rapid City, North Dakota.

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