South American Blowgun Made from Tropical Hardwood

Item CT07             

This Item was Sold on 7 October 2010 for $60

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This item is a blowgun from tropical South America. It is probably from the Amazon region, but it could be from Ecuador or Colombia or Panama. It looks to be precision made and not crafted using Aboriginal stone tools. It is made out of a hard and dense palmwood similar to Black Palm that is indigenous to northern South America. The blowgun is long and straight and is precision bored so that you see a circular hole when looking down either end. There are no darts, but you can easily make your own darts using bamboo shish-kabob skewers and cotton. One end is tapered and it appears that it contained a tar-like subtance for the mouthpiece at one time, but the tar-like material is no longer present. This appears to be a very functional blowgun. Because of it's size, it may be expensive to ship this blowgun. I may have to purchase a PVC tube for shipping and this will add to the shipping costs.

This artifact is from the estate of Dain Torguson. The family will use the proceeds from the sale of this artifact to display a sculpture crafted by Dain. The sculpture will reside in a public library in Rapid City, North Dakota.

Length = 190 cm ; Width = 3 cm ; Weight = 436 gm 

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