Aboriginal Decorated Hardwood Bamutuka Smoking Pipe

Item LR23  

This Item was Sold on 8 January 2012 for $15

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This smoking pipe from the Northern Territories of Australia was made by Aborigines from the stem of a Deti Tree (Canarium Australianum). The Aboriginal name for this kind of pipe is Bamutuka. Decorated with natural ochre on the surface. There is a partial tag attached to the pipe that says "Milingimbi Aboriginal Arts & Crafts, NT". The pipe was made and decorated by Manauida of the clan Daygungum (sp?). Smoking is thought to have been introduced by Macassans who started coming to the northern coast of Australia more than 400 years ago to obtain Trepang (Sea Cucumbers). Span = 41 cm ; Weight = 86 gm

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