Australian Aboriginal Hardwood Club or Dance Wand

Item NK01 

This Item was Sold on 20 March 2010 for $55

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This item is a heavy hardwood club with an unusual lens shaped cross section and a smooth surface finish. It has a handle made out of Spinifex grass gum, similar to what is found on many Woomera spear throwers. It is most likely from Western Queensland with an age of 50-75 years. This item is in excellent condition and without damage except for a small sliver of wood that has naturally lifted off of one of the faces. This is one of the most unusual Aboriginal clubs we have ever seen because of the Spinifex handle and lenticular cross section. It is similar to an artifact that sold on eBay that was called a Dance Wand. Length = 64 cm ; Weight = 386 gm.

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