Central Desert Fluted Hunting Boomerang

Item RF11 

This Item was Sold on 16 September 2008 for $234

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This type of stone tooled Aboriginal hunting boomerang, or throwstick, was used by most of the Aboriginal groups throughout Central Australia and was traded extensively. Hunters would normally carry at least 2 of these with them at all times. This example is a larger size and it is well proportioned. The upper surface has longitudinal grooves running from tip to tip, except for 12 cm at the grip end. The lower surface has very shallow adze flaking. Red ochre covers the entire surface on both sides. These Central Desert throwsticks have the longest straight line flights of any Aboriginal throw stick. They were used for hunting, fighting, lighting fires by friction when rubbed on a shield, digging and for many ceremonial purposes. Used properly one of these could easily fell an emu from 40-60 metres. This one was probably made in the early to mid 20th Century. A very small amount of edge trauma at the non-grip end. Length = 70 cm ; Weight = 420 gm

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