19th Century Atlatl from Lake Texcoco, Central Mexico

Item TB107  

This Item Sold on 24 January 2008 for $75

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This is an original old authentic wooden atlatl (or atl-atl, at-latl, atl atl,at latl) spearthrower made in the Lake Texcoco region in central Mexico, near Mexico City. It was collected in the late 1800s or early 1900s by an anthropologist studying Aztec Indian descendants in that region. These fishing atlatls were used well into the second half of the 20th century, especially on Mexican lakes to launch darts (spears) at waterfowl and fish. This atlatl is one of four atlatls from the same collection. Two were labeled: "19th C Dart Thrower" and two (including this atlatl) were not labeled. All were very similar, made out of a dark color, light weight wood with a tight grain and were probably collected from the same Indian maker. All showed evidence of being made using metal cutting tools, but are definitely hand carved. Other more sophisticated atlatls are longer and have a pair of cordage loops for the finger grips. This atlatl is shorter and lacks the finger loops. There is a channel running down the length of the flat surface on this atlatl. This channel terminates at a hole that runs clear through the thick section which is used as a base to hold the atlatl dart. Excellent relic condition and could probably still be used. Darkened coloration and a little grimy from age. Span = 35 cm ; Weight = 78 gm

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