Throwstick from North Western Australia - Beautiful Wood

Item TB112 

This Item Sold on 29 December 2007 for $196

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This non-returning Aboriginal boomerang ( throwstick ) is from northern Western Australia. It was most likely made in the early 20th Century. The wood has a beautiful cellular grain, similar to Lacewood or Silky Oak, but the wood has darkened considerably because of it's age. You can see the grain in the photo below. Both surfaces are very smooth and the airfoil profiling is superb. This throwstick is in excellent condition. There is no impact damage or edge chipping, just a few light scratches. This throwstick was originally purchased from the famous McAlister collection when the collection first came up for sale in Perth in 1990. There are no collection numbers on this throwstick.

Length = 53 cm , Weight = 178 gm

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