Aboriginal Hunting Boomerang from Eastern Australia

Item TB151 

This Item was Sold on 19 July 2008 for $72

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This hunting boomerang, or throwstick, is an early artifact, probably made in the early 1900s in Eastern Australia. It is difficult to identify the exact region, but it was probably made somewhere in the southeastern arc between South Australia and southern Queensland. It lacks the adze marks that you find in Western and Central Desert artifacts. the workmanship is very nice. There is no art, indicating that this was probably a small, general use throwstick made for hunting birds, or skinning animals. The wood is very dark and it is starting to show signs of that rippling effect on the surface that you find on the oldest boomerangs. There are a few small surface blemishes and one edge chip that you can feel with your finger, but is not distracting when viewed. Length = 37 cm ; Weight = 130 gm

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