Pre-Columbian Chancay Ceramic Star Pectoral

Item TB218  

This Item was Sold on 1 August 2014 for $66

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This item is a ceramic star pectoral from the Chancay culture of pre-Columbian Peru. Pectorals of this form were usually worn around the neck as an ornament. There are two holes on one side. The ceramic pectorals were worn by lower ranking Chancay indians. The powerful lords and rulers wore pectorals made out of precious metals. The star points are separated by arcs of approximately 30 degrees with two arc segments used for the attachment holes. The disk is in excellent condition. There is some light chipping to the tips of some stars, but most of the star tips are intact. Diameter of Disk = 9 cm ; Thickness = 3 cm ; Weight = 188 gm

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