Aboriginal Hunting Boomerang from the Central Desert

Item TB225      

This Item was Sold on 11 June 2010 for $95

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This hunting boomerang, or throwstick was made out of hard mulga wood, probably in the mid 1900s. The upper surface is scraped smooth and finished with oil or satin varnish. The lower surface shows signs of metal file marks, so it was not made with stone tools. The shape and airfoiling is identical to that of the Australian Central Desert throwsticks, except that it is not grooved or ochred. It is unusual to find a post-contact hunting boomerang made with steel tools that has high quality workmanship. This is such a boomerang and I would feel very comfortable using this for hunting or target practice. This is a long distance model, so the flight range is probably up to 100 metres, but you loose sufficient accuracy for hunting at distances beyond 30 metres. This boomerang is undamaged, except for a couple of small edge chips at both ends from use. Length = 67 cm ; Weight = 322 gm

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