Set of 6 CDs with Australian Aboriginal Music

Item TB243          

This Item was Sold on 8 July 2012 for $40

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This item is a lot of 6 music CDs with music by Australian Aborigines. Most of this music is traditional or ethnographic music, but there are a few tracks that have non-indigenous music and one CD has a few tracks from Papua New Guinea. The titles on these CDs include:

  • Australian Aborigines - Original Documentation of Ethnic Music from People of the World
  • Dawn of Time - Makara - The Seven Sisters
  • Australia - Songs of the Aborigines and Music of Papua, New Guinea
  • Spirit of Uluru - Music of the Australian Aborigine
  • Bushfire - Traditional Aboriginal Music - Recorded at Mowanjum in the Australian Kimberleys
  • Nomad - Songman

All of these CDs are in like new condition - No shrinkwrapping, but CDs, inserts and jewel cases are in mint condition.

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