Antique Chinese Opium Pot Pipe

Item TB245 

This Item was Sold on 29 November 2011 for $109

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This item is a very old Chinese Opium Pot Pipe. I collected this pot pipe in Saigon, VietNam when I was there in 1968. I have a friend who is fluent in Chinese and she told me that the Chinese characters printed on the side and bottom are no longer used by the Chinese people. I guarantee that this pipe pot is at least 40 years old, because that is how long I have owned it, but it is likely very much older and probably 19th Century or even earlier. There is a metal (brass?) rim running along the bottom and top edges of the pipe and this seals the top onto the bowl. At the top of the pot, there are two holes: a small fixed hole that you use to inhale the Opium smoke and a large central hole that holds the Opium tar. The metal piece that holds the opium tar has a central stem and it is removable. You can see this piece in the photo below. I have not used this pot pipe (I am a collector, not an opium smoker), but I think that the way it was used was to remove the top and fill the bowl partially with water (to cool the smoke). Then the central stem is heated in a fire and inserted onto the top. Then the opium tar is placed in the hot bowl and it starts to smoke. The user then inhales the opium smoke by drawing the smoke down the stem into the cooling water and then up into the entrance of the small hole.

This old pot pipe is in excellent condition. It will display beautifully. I will pack it carefully for shipping. The inside of the bowl looks clean and I was able to bring the pot pipe through customs without any problems, so I am sure it is legal to own it. I do not think that there is any opium residue inside, but this item can only be shipped to an address in the USA.

Height = 10 cm ; Width = 10 cm ; Weight = 486 gm

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