Aboriginal Long Distance Hunting Boomerang from Northern South Australia

Item TB283 

This Item was Sold on 6 December 2012 for $157

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This Aboriginal hunting boomerang, or throwstick, was made by Australian Aborigines in the first half of the 20th Century. The wood is probably Desert Mulga, a tough Gum hardwood that grows in the Central Desert. The inside edge has the characteristic blonde coloration of desert Mulga and the brown wood has darkened considerably with age. Both surfaces are scraped smooth and the lower surface has signs of shallow dimpling that is typical of throwsticks that are made with an adze. The shape and airfoiling is almost identical to the long distance throwsticks made in the Central Desert. This boomerang is in excellent condition. There are a few small surface scratches and natural knots in the wood, but no cracks or dings except for a manufacturing flake on the bottom of the longer blade. It looks like it is strong enough to throw with care.

Length = 72 cm ; Weight = 336 gm

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