Old Decorated Aboriginal Hunting Boomerang from Western Australia

Item TB284      

This Item was Sold on 7 April 2013 for $121

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This old Aboriginal hunting boomerang, or throwstick, was made by Australian Aborigines in the early 20th Century. The wood is probably Jarah, a dense and heavy hardwood that grows in the Western Desert. There is a small section of blonde heartwood near one end. The brown wood has darkened considerably with age. Both surfaces are scraped smooth and the wood has a wavy texture that is typical for surfaces that are formed by stone scraping and with moisture loss due to aging. The upper surface has Aboriginal art depicitng a goanna (lizard) on one end and an insect or sea creature(?) on the other end. This boomerang is in very good condition. There is a surface edge chip on the blonde heartwood and manufacturing flakes on the bottom edges of both blades. There are also three remnants of mounting tape on the reverse side that can be carefully removed. This hunting boomerang was originally in the collection of Brother Brian Thomas.

Length = 51 cm ; Weight = 200 gm

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