Pitjantjatjara Aboriginal Arrows

Item TB287            

This Item was Sold on 6 August 2012 for $16

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This item is a pair of wooden arrows made by the Pitjantjatjara Aborigines of South Central Australia. The arrows are decorated with pyrographic art on both ends and on a band near the notched end. The tips are lenticular in shape to simulate an arrow point. One of the points has a split from a natural defect in the wood. That same arrow has a broken notch on one side only. These display well as the [minor] damage is difficult to see. These arrows are for decorative purposes only. They are probably tourist items made in the 1960s. The arrows are not fletched. They are good representations of Aboriginal cultural items from the mid 20th Century.

Length = 83 cm ; Weight = 86 gm

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