Old Aboriginal Hunting Boomerang from Western Australia

Item TB289                     

This Item was Sold on 2 November 2012 for $129

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This old Aboriginal hunting boomerang, or throwstick, was made by Australian Aborigines in the early 20th Century. The wood is probably Jarah, a dense and heavy hardwood that grows in the Western Desert. The wood has darkened considerably with age. All surfaces appear to be made with stone tools and are scraped smooth. This boomerang is in very good condition. It is an honest representation of precontact Aboriginal craftsmanship. There is a twist at the bend. It is not known if this is intentional tuning or the result of warpage from moisture loss. There is a knot on the upper surface near the bend.There are no cracks or edge chips and it displays well.

Length = 57 cm ; Weight = 222 gm

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