Dragon Blowgun from Borneo made out of Bone Segments with Incised Art

Item TB305    

This Item was Sold on 17 April 2013 for $170

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This old blowgun is from the island of Borneo in Indonesia. It is made out of hollow segments of mammal bones. Each segment has incised art decorations and the segments are attached end-to-end over a central metal (Copper?) tube with an internal diameter of 7 mm. The front end of the tail segment has a wooden dowel rod that fits snug into the blowing end of the metal tube. The tail segment is removed prior to the use of this blowgun. The mouth of the dragon's head has the dart exit hole for the blowgun. The belly of the dragon has two "L" shaped protruding tabs that suspend a small dart case. The dart case is also made out of bone with incised art. The dart case has bone pieces attached to give the dart case the appearance of a bird in flight. The dart case has a cap on one end, but the cap seems to be stuck and I did not try to force it open. This blowgun is in very good condition. There is no visible damage and it displays well. One of the tabs is not pointed, so maybe this is old damage, but it does not interfere with the suspension of the dart case and the end is dark in color. A very nice collectible from the Indonesian island of Borneo.

Length = 78 cm ; Weight = 792 gm

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