Aboriginal Hunting Boomerang from the Central Desert

Item TB355    

This Item was Sold on 23 April 2015 for $188

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This Aboriginal hunting boomerang, or throwstick, was made by Australian Aborigines in the first half of the 20th Century. The wood is Desert Mulga, a tough Gum hardwood that grows in the Desert. One of the tips and the elbow has the characteristic blonde coloration of desert Mulga and the wood has darkened considerably with age. The upper surface has many shallow incised grooves that run along the entire length. These look like they were made with stone tools. The lower surface is scraped smooth. The surfaces appear to have an indigenous coating that is often made with kangaroo fat and/or vegetable oils. There are a couple of white paint transfer marks on the upper surface. This is the real thing, a functional long range hunting boomerang with the proper twist and airfoiling. This boomerang is in very nice condition. There are a couple of very tiny edge nicks and some small natural age cracks that do not appear to affect the overall integrity of this throw stick.

Length = 63 cm ; Weight = 282 gm

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