Replica of Aboriginal Lil-lil made in Germany for Museum Displays

Item TB384   

This Item was Sold on 26 November 2016 for $68

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This unusual artifact was made in Germany in the late 1940s (post WW II) for a museum located in Switzerland. The prop was used to illustrate Australian Aboriginal hunting boomerangs. The shape is very similar to the famous Lil-Lil, a pre-contact artifact found only in South East Australia. The airfoiling is very nice and it is in very good condition with only a few light scratches from handling. There is also a museum property number " 38-11-44 " printed in orange ink on one edge. The original collector told me that this item was often used in displays to illustrate tools used in other cultures, such as in the European stone age. A very unusual, but interesting collectible.

Length = 57 cm ; Weight = 443 gm

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