Aboriginal Central Desert Hunting Boomerang

Item TB397     

This Item was Sold on 9 January 2017 for $125

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This hunting boomerang, or throwstick was made out of Mulga, a dense desert hardwood. This is a very attractive artifact with adze texturing over both the upper and lower surfaces. The shape of the hunting boomerang follows the grain with blonde edges on both sides. It is in very nice condition with a single closed 2+ cm crack on the dingle arm tip. There are also a couple of very shallow compression marks on the edges. This hunting boomerang displays well and it has a very comfortable feel in the hand. It was probably made in the first half of the 20th Century. I purchased this hunting boomerang from Rob Croll's Australian collection in 1998.

Length = 71 cm ; Weight = 341 gm

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