Large Decorated Fijian Hardwood Gunstock War Club

Item TB53   

This item was sold on 6 May 2007 for $148

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This large hardwood Polynesian club was made in Fiji, probably within the past 50 years. The workmanship is excellent with deep incised lines and triangular notches cut into the surface to cover most of the surface with traditional Polynesian art. There is a small chip at the end of the narrow section of the striking tip that is only noticeable in an end view (See photo). The handle has a integral hole carved into the bottom to tie a loop of cord. The cord attached is an attractive woven plant fibre. Although of more recent construction, this Polynesian club is rather well made and is more attractive that older examples that are frequently sold at much higher prices. Length = 78 cm , Weight = 1072 gm.

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