Very Old Decorated Throwstick from Queensland

Item TB63 

This item was sold on 11 May 2007 for $285

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This finely decorated boomerang ( throwstick ) was made out of a dense heavy tropical hardwood by Queensland Aborigines in the 19th Century. Throwsticks from this region have a characteristic "point" on both ends. The patterns on the upper surface include thin bands of finely detailed incisions (see photo below for detail). These patterns usually indicate that a throwstick had a ceremonial use. The underside has very fine striations from grinding and finishing with stone tools. On one end of the throwstick, a damaged edge has been ground smooth with stone tools and then used, with fine patination throughout. Old decorated throwsticks from this region are rarely offered for sale and they command a premium price whenever they are made available. This is one of the finest that you will see and also one of the smaller throwsticks from this region with a span of 50 cm and a weight of 232 gm.

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