Very Old Boomerang from Western Australia

Item TB64 

This item was sold on 26 November 2006 for $372

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This very fine and old Aboriginal boomerang ( throwstick ) was made out of a dense heavy hardwood, possibly Jarrah, by Aborigines from West Australia. Beautiful scalloped adze marks to both front and back surfaces. Most throwsticks from Western Australia have this adze chisled texture on both the upper and lower surfaces. This can be seen in the Philip Jones' book " Boomerang; Behind an Australian Icon ". The tool used to form the surface is a stone tipped adze. The upper surface is convex and the lower surface is nearly flat. The upper surface has a thin coating of fat or varnish, possibly added after it was collected to preserve the surface. This is one of the finest of this type of boomerang or throwstick that you are likely to see. It was probably made in the late 19th Century or early 20th Century. Span = 64 cm ; Weight = 254 gm

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