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If you know of any additional atlatl manufacturers, please email the information to: Ted Bailey

Boone Trading Company has a really nice Eskimo atlatl and dart set made out of traditional materials. It is in excellent condition. The dart is a traditional design with 4 ivory points. This includes a central point and 3 secondary points located to the side and behind the central point. The secondary points are offset to enhance entanglement of the dart tip with the wings of a bird. If you have an interest in purchasing this fine artifact, contact David Boone at : and he will email you some photos. Please let me know if you purchase this artifact so I can remove this notice. Only one set is available.
Tim Anderson

110 West Live Oak #4

Sequin, TX 78155

Ted Bailey

3245 Edgewood Drive

Ann Arbor, MI 48104

contact: Ted Bailey

ethnographic artifacts & lithic reproductions

A. J. Bagg

2933 Pine Ridge Road

Canastota, NY 13032

phone: (315) 875-5333

cell: (607) 244-0711


Thomas Barch

7247 Enfield Ave.

Greendale, WI 53129

phone: (414) 421-5466

(miniature handcrafted atlatl jacket/hat pins for $10)

Dick Baugh

490 Gary Ct.

Palo Alto, CA 94306

phone: (650) 493-5125


Bob & Cheryll Berg

Thunderbird Atlatl

90 Main Street

Box 764

Candor, NY 13743

phone: 1-800-836-4530 or 607-659-3854


free newsprint catalog- newsletter to anyone; high quality hardwood dart shafts in round, octagonal, and barrel taper , five, six and seven foot long. The shafts are sanded, dimpled and tapered for easy finishing and installation of normal archery field points.

Howard Bowe

17 Mitchell Bay St.

Andrews, Manitoba R1A 3A3


One of a kind atlatls made out of natural materials!

BPS Engineering
P. O. Box 797
Manhattan, MT 59741
phone: (406) 284-3307


Mark Bracken


tools and materials for making atlatl points for darts

Wayne Brian
Primitive Pottery
824 West Kiva
Mesa, AZ 86210
phone: (602) 491-8460
Michael Frank

Atlatl Weights


 Dan Hutchison
5011 Easy Street
Tallahassee, FL 32303
phone: (904) 562-2229
Native American Atlatls & Darts

Brian James
Olympia, WA

phone: (206) 754-2485

Larry Kinsella
645 Pleasant Ridge
Fairview Heights, IL 62208

phone: (618) 397-1377

(Sells T-Shirts "When atlatl are outlawed, only outlaws will have atlatls")

Dana & Kay Klein

English Pete Trading Comp.

PO Box 368

Belfast, NY 14711

phone: 585-365-8048


producers of unmounted ISAC paper targets at $3.00 each (inexpensive to mail)

Doug Leeth

Ice Age Arts

114 Ball Park Rd.

Lawndale, NC 28090

phone: (704) 538-0541


sells custom made atlatls and dart sets

Amil Pedro

10795 W. Arica Road

Casa Blanca, AZ. 85222

phone: (623) 977-7673


J. D. Ricks

6414 E. Pebble Dr.

Mesa, Az, USA 85215

(authentic stone points)

Jack Rowe

Rowe Dart Works

110 Layton St.

Sayre, PA 18840

phone: 570-888-8258 


River Cane Darts and Atlatls

R.W. Stewart

2719 Alberts Ct

Cincinnati, Ohio 45209

phone: (513) 731-8679


Ray Strischek

Athens Ohio


Ray makes an assortment of fine hardwood atlatls and darts

Ray and Patti Thompson
Thompson Atlatl and Supply Company
1104 East Turquoise Way
Sandy, UT 84094
phone: 801-576-6489
Dale Torma

4044 S. Barker Rd.

Gilbert, MN 55741

phone: 218-865-7049


President of Minnesota Atlatl Assoc.
Makes atlatls and darts.

Kris Tuomala

Walking On Old Ground

P. O. Box 251

Goodman, MO 64843

phone: (417) 364-8806


Ken Wee
Bearded Horse Productions
P. O. Box 2303
Boulder, CO 80306
phone: (303) 417-6279

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