Peoples of the Earth Volume One Australia and Melanesia

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Peoples of the Earth Volume One Australia and Melanesia (including New Guinea) ( ASIN: B000O5YUNY )

Author: Tom Stacey ; Publisher: Danbury (1973) ; Hard Cover : 144 pages ; English

This hard cover book is the first volume in a series of 20 volumes about people from all over the Earth. This first volume is about the peoples of Australia and Melanesia and New Guinea. The chapters include: White Australians, Aborigines from different regions, New Guinea (with seperate chapters on Highlands and Asaro Valley), Trobriand Islanders, Solomon Islanders, Tannese, Pentacost Islanders & a lot more. The glossary in the back is really good. This book is in very good condition, but it does have some library markings, some soiling on the front cover and the last (blank) page has been removed.

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